Posing after the donation ceremony
Posing after the donation ceremony

On December 14, 2021, the RayAsta Foundation presented laboratory equipment to the St. Mary's Academy valued at over $60,000. The items consisted of scales, electrical circuit boards, and a host of items intended to enhance the learning experience of students at the SMA in pursuit of "excellence in science". Further, quiet meditation space was upgraded to include a beautiful array of flowers, fencing and benches for relaxation.

The RayAsta Foundation's was established on August 13th, 2020. Its mission is to empower, inspire and help children and families through innovative approaches to education and health by restoring the hope and independence they deserve to improve their quality of life as functioning members of the community.

The Foundation will continue its focus in science at schools previously attended by Raymond and will provide support to care, rehabilitation services, training, and education for persons in the community affected by Stroke by providing hope through compassion, transparency, and generosity.

The event was attended by His Excellency Eliud Williams, President of the State College – Mr. Donald Peters, Raymond's family led by his mom Jennifer Astaphan – Foundation chair, Camron Tavernier – Board Member, other family members, steering committee members and friends of the RayAsta Foundation. The principal, Mrs. Sylvia Jno Baptiste expressed gratitude to the Foundation for this most important contribution to the delivery of instruction for the science students at the SMA. The event was hosted by Cecilia St Hilaire – CEO of the RayAsta Foundation.

For additional information visit: www.rayastafoundation.org or www.facebook.com/RayAstaFoundation