Headquarters of the Dominica Red Cross
Headquarters of the Dominica Red Cross

In 2021, President of the Dominica Red Cross Society (DRS) Reginald Winston has avowed that under his watch, the organization will increase its scope of work and reach out more to people island wide.

In an interview with the Sun Newspaper, Winston revealed that some of DRC's plans include honoring the fundamental principles of the Red Cross, increasing office districts to continue education and mobilization, bringing solace to persons in communities that are in need, and spreading out the work of the organization island wide.

"One of the most glaring ones is the service of humanities. Our mission statement is to make the Red Cross the best volunteerism organization, not only in Dominica but in the world so even in the advent of COVID-19, we have processed delays, with the inconvenience but we didn't let COVID stop us in our quest of serving the people of Dominica," he said.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the non-government organization was able to assist with the renovation of several homes- some of which were damaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017, continue with their distribution of food supplies to those in need and provide wheelchairs and walkers, among others.

He also highlighted that DRC was able to mobilize its volunteers to educate the general public on several key matters, including the COVID-19 disease.

"The Red Cross continues to serve the communities bringing solace and comfort to the people of Dominica. Not only in times of disaster and when there is a hurricane...so we were able to help people across the island, assessing people who require assistance. We continued proceeding in our work with a little setback, with a little delay but COVID didn't stop us. We didn't allow it to," Winston said.

Highlighting their financial constraints as a voluntary organization, the president said that the small subvention provided by their partners and the Government, in most cases does not allow DRC to execute the bulk of work that it would like to.

One of the most exciting and beneficial trends has been the growth in DRC partnerships, both in the nonprofit and corporate sectors and the president did not rule out the possibility of forging greater alliances with other national societies and donors in 2021.

"We will continue to work with any other organization, institution, and group and forge relationships which will help us continue the work of serving humanities," Winston said.

He welcomed anyone who wants to join DRC.

"We do not discriminate on age sex, race social standing. Once you want to help solve the problems of the world in a small way starting with Dominica, you're welcome to join one of our branches."