Denise Defoe

Denise Defoe, 75, former employee of the Catholic Social Centre, devout Catholic died on 11 October 2020

Felix Fixton Henderson

Felix Fixton Henderson, broadcaster, promoter of creole language, 64, died 10 November 2020 from heart disease

Owen Arthur

Former Barbadian Prime Minister Owen Arthur died 27 July 2020 of heart complications

Kevin Justin Williams

Kevin Justin Williams, 58, lawyer, passed away on 24 January 2020

Kieron Pinard -Byrne

Kieron Pinard -Byrne, an Irish -Dominican chartered accountant, died in January 2020

Luke Prevost

Luke Prevost, 71, agriculturist and manager of CIMPEX and Antilles Cement died of cancer at his home at Castle Comfort in July

Mally Peltier

Mally Peltier, taxi service pioneer, died on 30 July 2020. He was 81

Mikey Bruney

Michael Emmanuel Bruney, lawyer, magistrate, broadcaster dramatist, 63, died 24 June 2020 from cancer

Phillip Alleyne

Phillip Alleyne, 92, founder of the Dominica Cricket Umpires Association and the Dominica Referees Association, sport enthusiasts

Randy Aaron

Randy Aaron,71, calypso dramatist and farmer died on January 22, 2020

Sandra Marcella Julien

Sandra Marcella Julien,59, lawyer, died May 17, 2020 of cancer

Veronica Younis

Veronica Younis, former employee of the NBD, devout Catholic ,73, died January12, 2020 from cancer

Victor Abraham John

Victor Abraham John, Grenadian-Dominican, former teacher of the Saint Mary's Academy (SMA) passed away 15 September 2020

Errol Harris

Albert Hugh Errol Harris (5 January, 1938- 12 December 2020). "Agriculture and nature played an important role throughout Errol's life."