Left to right: Dr. McIntyre and Ronald Charles
Left to right: Dr. McIntyre and Ronald Charles

Dominica's mecca of tourist sites, the Roseau Valley is the home of the majestic Trafalgar Falls, the serene Fresh Water Lake and the awe-inspiring sulphur springs at Wotten Waven. There are also productive farming areas such as Cockrane and Morne Prosper. In addition there are new middle income housing areas in Copthall and Shawford.

The Roseau Valley constituency includes: Trafalgar, Cochrane, Wotten Waven, Shawford, Copthall, Morne Prosper, and Laudat.

The candidates are: Ronald Charles-LLB (HONS) LEC of the United Workers Party (UWP) and Dr. Irving McIntyre-MD of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP)

Voting History

2014-DLP (Collin McIntyre)

2009-DLP (Collin McIntyre)

2005-UWP (Norris Charles)

2000-UWP (Norris Charles)

1995-UWP (Norris Charles)

1990-DFP (Henry George) 1985-DFP (Henry George)

1980-DFP (Henry George)

The Candidates

Ronald Charles-LLB (HONS) LEC

Born on May 26 to Marie Gabriel Charles and Eugenia Charles, Ronald Charles was raised in a traditional home at Trafalgar, a village known for its majestic waterfalls and ecological beauty. His father Marie Gabriel Charles is a former primary school teacher, sailor, businessman, sports fanatic and agricultural extension officer, and is currently a lay minister at the Assembly of Yahweh.

Ronald Charles describes his mother, Eugenia Charles, as the matriarch of our the family, who is well loved for her wisdom and for being a motivator for both her own children and over ten others that she has cared for over the years. He is not married but is the father of two children.

Educational Background:

• Trafalgar Primary School, Dominica Community High School, Clifton Dupigny Community College with Diploma in Agricultural Drawings and Building Designs.

• Migrated to United Kingdom to pursue Bachelor's Degree in Community and Youth Work Studies from University of Sunderland graduated in honors 1997; attended the UWI Cave Hill Campus to pursue Bachelors of Law in 2006; Legal Education Certificate (L.E.C) from Trinidad Hugh Wooding Law School in 2011.

• Currently, operate his own law firm of Ronald Charles and Associates which deals with criminal and civil matters. He is also the President of the Dominica Cycling Association

• Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Dominica Football Association

• Involved in the Trafalgar Basketball League, sponsoring a community basketball team the ''Bullets", which is the current Roseau Valley basketball champs.

• Past Director of the Lions Club (Dominica), co-founder of the Trafalgar Football Academy and an online tutor in law at the University of the West Indies Open Campus Dominica. Plans for the Constituency:

• Redefine the tourism product to stimulate gainful employment to the vendors, crafters and tour guides.

• Redeveloping the playing fields in the Roseau Valley; upgrading the road network spanning the constituency along Cochrane to Wotten Waven to foster eco-tourism and agricultural growth and production;

• Establishing a Roseau Valley Sports Club to focus on football, cricket and basketball and to ensure protection of the flora and fauna of the Roseau Valley.

Candidate's Perspective:

"I am known as a Community man. A friendly and hardworking man, a grass roots man and a man who stands for Justice, Peace, Integrity and Love; the people's choice.

"I stand by the concept that "the size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire." It is that belief which has driven me to become an Attorney-at- Law, a Social Worker, Community & Youth Development worker, and an exemplary father of two beautiful children.

"At 14 years old, I acted on my father's passion for community development. I became a member of the Trafalgar/Fond Canie Village Improvement Committee, and assumed chairmanship of that group at the age of 19. Acting on a musical inclination, I joined the Look-US Band at age 15, and to date remain the band's keyboardist and leader.

Dr. Irving McIntyre-MD

Education: St. Mary's Academy (SMA); Indira Gandhi Medical College (1996) India; Medical Doctor in private practice Work Experience

Senior Medical Officer-PMH Accident & Emergency Dept.-1999-2010; Trained by PAHO in Mass Casualty Management; Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC) representative at RADO (Regional Anti-doping Organization); Medical doctor for (CABA)-Caribbean Amateur Boxing Association; Resident doctor for (DCA) Dominica Cricket Association; Medical doctor for (DFA) Dominica Football Association, Harlem Sports Club, Dominica Cycling Association events; National Basket team player 1982-1985


Sponsor of Upsetters Basketball team in Roseau Valley League; Supervisor of relief supplies to Roseau Valley post Hurricane Maria; Free clinics at Morne Prosper, Roseau Health Center and Harlsbro Post Hurricane Maria

Plans for the constituency

• Continue to improve road network in constituency in other to exploit the potential of both community tourism and agriculture. We will, however, do so in a sustainable way so as to maintain the beauty that visitors are willing to pay to enjoy.

• With the rehabilitation of the main Roseau Valley Road from Bath Estate to Laudat and into Trafalgar completed, we will focus our attention on improving the Cochrane Road, the Wotten Waven Road and the balance of the Morne Prosper Road.

• Continue to support the revitalization of agriculture and ensure that farmers in the Roseau Valley constituency and in particularly in Cochrane and Morne Prosper continue to receive agricultural inputs, fertilizer and equipment to be better able to enhance and expand their operations.

• Greater concentration will be placed on housing in the new term and I am going to do so by selecting the most appropriate materials that will withstand our unique weather conditions in the Roseau Valley constituency.

. Education provides opportunities for a successful life and will continue to be the most critical means of taking people out of poverty.

• Greater emphasis on tertiary education and through our foreign friends and partners provide scholarships to our young people.