Ross University has constructed a new state of the art student services building, the first stage of the upcoming developments of the off-shore university.

This new facility was built on 50, 000 sq. ft. at a cost of US $18 million and took 17 months to complete. This new building is said to be strong enough to resist category 5 wind pressure and local seismic loads and all windows are impact resistant.

The building includes: library, student study space, multipurpose rooms, centre of teaching and learning, food facility, tenant space for campus store and offices for the departments of student affairs and student services.

Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), was founded in 1978 as a United States off-shore medical school located at Picard in Portsmouth. RUSM says it is "committed to educating a diverse group of skilled physicians to serve as leaders in the US healthcare system"

Ross says it has graduated more than 11,000 students who has become "an important part of healthcare education in the United States, particularly in a time when academics and medical industry groups predict a coming shortage of physicians".

"RUSM alumni practice in virtually every medical specialty and can be found in every U.S. state, Canada, and beyond," Ross said on its website.

At the formal opening of the student facility, Samar Haroun , a student representative said the construction of the new building served as a bright and new beginning for the future of Ross University.
"Study space is a very important and a key element in your journey here throughout Ross University and throughout your medical career hereā€¦finding that study space is important to your success here at Ross University", she said.

Meanwhile, Acting Prime Minister Dr. John Colin McIntyre noted that the government regards the Ross University as a serious institution which has helped transformed Dominica's economy.

"The Government will always continue to be your best friend in Dominica and of course the people," said Dr. McIntyre. "This phase of the development of Ross University in terms of setting up a massive student centre with all different sorts of areas for students and learning and of course faculty is not the first phase but a phase in the development of Ross.

"We are looking forward to the continued relationship and you can rest assured that the Government of Dominica will be your best friend," he said.

This new student services building is now the largest building on the campus.