Sade Samuel
Sade Samuel

A goal-oriented young woman who was always up for a challenge used that personality trait to start a business, which has now become a staple in the industry on the island.

Sade Samuel, the owner of Qwik Cart Delivery Service, told The Sun the idea behind her brainchild came from a routine activity five years ago.

"I hate lines," she stated, "And, at some point in 2017, I was standing in line at a food establishment, and I said, 'I can't be the only person who hates lines.'"

From there, the idea was born to create a business that would serve the needs of others who disliked standing in line and wanted food delivered to them. However, being the innovative thinker she is, Sade expanded her business idea to include other items.

"We deliver pharmaceuticals, groceries, and just about anything you need. In addition, we support small businesses with messenger services, and we support the elderly in the outer parts of Dominica through grocery delivery," she said.

Focused on developing aspects of the economy and lending assistance to those who need it, Sade says the company makes provisions for Dominicans living overseas who want to play a part in the lives of their family members on the island.

"We have a lot of situations where people living outside of Dominica want to send groceries to their friends and family here, so we support that as well, "Sade said.

Playing her role in helping in job creation and promoting income generation, Samuel's team has grown significantly since its inception in 2017. In the past five years, her partners have also increased from four to over forty.

Qwik Delivery has also been hit with its fair share of setbacks. Having been launched in August 2017, it was forced to go on hiatus due to Hurricane Maria. However, the company officially relaunched in December 2018.

As with any business, there are plans for a profitable year. However, Sade admits unforeseen circumstances have not worked in the company's favour thus far.

"It has been challenging, especially coming into this year," she said. "For example, one of our close partners brought on their delivery service, which significantly affected our profits. Inflation is another issue; gas costs keep rising, and the cost of just running the business is getting higher."

Samuel highlighted market prices being sensitive, which, in turn, affects what needs to be done for the business's survival. And before 2022, the company had never been involved in any accidents. However, quite a few have occurred this year.

Despite the downsides, Qwik Delivery has experienced several milestones, such as growing partnerships, growing staff, and improving the business.

Sade remains committed to ensuring the business benefits the Dominican people and the wider economy. To this end, she has launched an app which goes hand in hand with her desire to make food delivery more convenient for customers. "One of the issues we had was customers not knowing why their food was delayed. This app lets clients see when their food is ready, picked up, in transit, etc." Sade said.

Samuel, also committed to people development, regularly encourages her staff to evolve and is handing over HR, marketing, and logistical operations duties.

Sade believes she can help in the country's move to embrace the digital wave and is using her company.

"Another reason I started Qwik Delivery was I wanted to have an impact on our digital economy and the usability of the general public being able to use apps to get what they want to deliver around the country," she said.

Samuel advises anyone who plans to get involved in entrepreneurship to "start. But, in most cases, the hardest thing to do is start. And don't take 'no' for an answer and learn from your wins and losses."