Sammy celebrates World T20 win
Sammy celebrates World T20 win

Darren Sammy has confirmed that he has been removed from the captaincy of the West Indies T20 team.

In a Facebook video posted by today Sammy said the Chairman of Selectors, Courtney Brown, told him in a 30-second conversation that he is no longer captain of the team that recently won the World T20 cup in India in spectacular fashion.

In the video Sammy said: "Six years ago I was asked to captain West Indies. I knew it would be a task that would be the most difficult in my career, my life. But guess what, I took it head on and embraced the challenges. I started out with Otis Gibson, I thank you buddy, for believing in me. To all the players who have played under my captaincy, I want to thank you for all the support. We've had our ups and downs. But I've never given up hope, never stopped believing in myself and in the team. That is what I was about as a captain. Trying to instil a never-say-die attitude in my players. The result is that we won two World Cups.

"I got a 30-second call yesterday morning from the Chairman of Selector who told me that they had reviewed the captaincy of the T20 team and I won't be captain anymore, nor do my performances merit selection in the squad. That's okay. West Indies cricket is not about Darren Sammy.

"Looking to the future, I want to wish the new captain all the best, nobody has been named yet. Take West Indies cricket forward. The highlight of my career has been winning the two World Cups, and these memories I shall cherish always.

"This is not me retiring from One Days or T20s, this is just me thanking the fans and the players who I have worked with. The direction Darren is headed is not dictated by any man. I just knew that I played with my heart and soul whenever I stepped out on the cricket field. And nobody can take my smile away".

The West Indies Cricket Board has not made an announcement about Sammy's position nor has the board named a new T20 captain.

Lately, Sammy's form with bat and ball has not been spectacular but there is growing speculation that his form may have been secondary in the decision to axe him. Recall that after the World Cup win in India Sammy was severely critical of the West Indies Cricket Board headed by Dave Cameron.

Sammy's fans will undoubtedly contend that the West Indies Board has a long memory. The Board seems to want to tell cricketers: dissent will be punished; you cannot embarrass us in full view of the world and survive. Vengeance belongs to the board.

More controversy hits West Indies cricket.