• President of the Concerned Citizens Movement Loftus Durand speaks at a CCM rally

    Loftus Durand

    Electoral Reform is currently the most divisive and controversial issue affecting Dominica. The issue was thrust front and centre during the just-ended 2019 general election campaign. And Loftus Durand, the ...

  • Electoral Reform advocate, L. Durand

    "Those situations that were looking grim and dim in my ...

    It was a rather tough, oppressive life for a young Loftus Durand growing up in the late 1970s through the 1980s, with penury and indigence cruelly and mercilessly virtually suffocating ...

  • Mrs Severin, Country Manager, meets customers on day one

    Republic Bank arrives in DA

    As smoothly and as uncomplicated as night turns to day, the Bank of Nova Scotia on Hillsborough Street, Roseau, last week gave way to the Republic Bank thus ending a ...

  • Edison James speaks at UWP meeting

    Former Prime Minister Edison James: "In my opinion… "There will ...

    Dominica appears to be heading into trouble with her eyes wide open. She apparently will not see.

  • Joseph, left, and Edwards

    Election Watch: Know Your Candidate

    2014- DLP (Petter Saint-Jean)

  • DFP political leader Kent Vital

    Freedom Speaks

    Last week we noted that hate can be described as an intense hostility and aversion usually derived from fear, anger and a sense of injury. Political hate in Dominica is ...

  • Two years after Hurricane Maria: Siboulie Ravine, Pointe Michel

    "People are still living in the ravine"

    Last week Dominicans observed the anniversary of the death and destruction wrought by the category-five storm Hurricane Maria, mainly with a six-hour lavish thanksgiving free-concert featuring American, Barbadian and Dominican ...

  • The day Rosie died: Crowd parts as his body is taken to the funeral home

    Shock. Disbelief. Sadness.

    Portsmouth, Dominica- October 4, 2000

  • Arthur Smith

    Your Excellency, I make bold to state

    Open Letter to H.E. the President of Dominica

  • Dr. Sanford and Anette Sanford at the UWP press conference

    UWP names Annette Thomas-Sanford as its Salybia candidate

    There's a West African proverb that says: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

  • UWP leader Linton makes a point at the Lagoon meeting

    Opposition Leader Lennox Linton: "We are warning Government"

    Opposition parties hold "Where de Money" meeting in Roseau to highlight issue of hundreds of millions of dollars of CBI funds that were not accounted for in the national budget

  • Greeting Minister Rayburn Blackmore- PM Skerrit

    God sent me

    In seeking to justify their reason for supporting someone as greedy, self-aggrandizing, profane, offensive and seemingly so "un-Christian" as Donald Trump, American evangelical Christians contend he was "anointed by God".