• Danielle Wilson, left, and Mom after the ceremony at the Roseau Court where Danielle was called to the Dominica Bar

    Wilson is Dominica's newest lawyer

    Before nine of her colleagues and eight members of her family and friends, in a small compact room at the Dominica High Court that, after Hurricane Maria, serves as the ...

  • Nashon Attidore, Pointe Michel

    Hurricane Maria: The missing and the dead

    Officials of the Dominica Police Force recently released the names of people who have died and those who are missing due to the passage of Hurricane Maria.

  • President of the Dominica Business Forum, Severin McKenzie

    Businesses wantonly looted after Hurricane Maria, want inquiry

    Left reeling by category-five Hurricane Maria on 17 September 2017 and widespread and wanton looting, members of the private sector of Dominica want some persons in authority to "pay for ...

  • Dorothy Leevy

    Dear Hurricane Maria

    Sadly, we underestimated you. Your colleagues Irma and Harvey had showed no interest in us, so perhaps we had become complacent. However, no amount of prior preparation would have proved ...

  • DOMLEC tecnicians repair lines on Independence Street after hurricane Maria

    DOMLEC asks for patience and understanding

    Struggling under the heavy weight of the uphill task of repairing an electricity generation and distribution system severely damaged by category-five Hurricane Maria on September 17, 2017, DOMLEC has asked ...

  • Ian Michael Anthony

    New Chief Elections Officer

    Dominica is now in search of a new Chief Elections Officer after Steven LaRocque left the post after attaining the age of 55 in accordance with Section 87 (5 & ...

  • Ronalda, left, and Ronda

    Rolanda and Ronda- twins in the press

    Finding twins working in the same profession in Dominica is extremely uncommon and twins in the press are doubly unusual. In fact, Ronda and Rolanda Luke, 24, of Mahaut may ...

  • House  on lower Morne Bruce damaged by Hurricane Maria


    The task facing homeowners here, looking to rebuild following the merciless pounding by Hurricane Maria on September 18, is as daunting as a category five storm.

  • Clockwise from bottom right: Kurt Matthew, Jacinta David, Alex Phillip and F.O. Riviere

    Riviere, David, Phillip, Matthew die

    Former government minister F. O. Riviere may have been the most well-known of the three persons who died last week but, nonetheless, the death of Jacinta David, the acting Chief ...

  • Gershon Baron and Nadora Williams

    Pointe Michel's pain

    That dreadful night of September 18, 2017 will long be etched in the minds of all Dominicans. But the people from the southern village of Pointe Michel, where Hurricane Maria ...

  • Pottersville in Goodwill one day after Maria

    Praying for Togetherness

    The fury of Hurricane Maria, one of the most dangerous storms ever experienced; the damage, the destruction, the devastation, the homelessness and hopelessness, all lead to independence celebrations the likes ...

  • Dr. William "Para" Riviere

    Are we a nation?

    [The following is taken from the concluding chapter of a just-completed book entitled Conversations on Nation-Building].