• Kendra Stevens

    Kendra Stephen: The Community Woman

    Football, fishing, politics, or pageantry. You name it, she's in it.

  • Coronavirus update image

    Delta is here and Mu may follow

    More than one year into the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is grappling with the highly transmissible Delta Variant that has caused a renewed surge in infections in countries from the ...

  • LIAT leaves Melville Hall Airport

    Time to cut the cost of Caribbean travel

    As the deputy chairman of the Caribbean Young Democrats union – a centre-right alliance of moderate, centre-right and conservative political parties and individuals in the region – Luchiano Dupuis has ...

  • House on Queen Mary Street in Roseau after Hurricane David on August 29, 1979-Herry Royer photo

    Forty-two years ago Hurricane David devastated Dominica

    Wednesday, August 29, 1979, was a day when death came calling on the 150 mph winds of hurricane David.

  • Partick John and Mrs John arrives at Independence Day Ceremony

    Desiree John: "Our union deserves closure"

    That 48-year union deserves closure, says the wife of the late Patrick Roland John, Desiree John, and to be absent from her husband's funeral and burial would be a denial ...

  • Rubis gas station on Victoria Street

    Petroleum retailers: "The ball is now in the government court"

    The pressure is now on the Government of Dominica to decide whether or not the petroleum company Rubis West Indies Limited stays or goes now that many of their service ...

  • Injured St Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves

    Vax Protest

    A groundswell of opposition to the COVID-19 vaccines and mandatory inoculation is taking a coordinated form in the region with pro-choice activists and religious groups demonstrating for their right to ...

  • Val Cuffy, left and Dr. Ettienne

    Scary Situation

    Ask the pharmacist Val "Young Bull" Cuffy to dispense advice to people who remain uncertain about whether they should get a COVID-19 shot and his prescription is clear: check with ...

  • Ross packed up and left in 2018 leaving apartment buildings like this one empty

    Apartment owners in Portsmouth: It's a struggle after Ross

    There isn't a day that Charles Brown (not his real name) awakes and isn't reminded of the nearly half a million-dollar debt that he owes to the bank.

  • Former Teacher, the late James Alexander

    First Serenade's Archie Mitchel, James Alexander, suspected drowning, Treneese Hamilton ...

    Following a long battle with renal failure, former First Serenade bass guitar player, Adrien "Archie" Mitchel passed away on August 10, 2021, at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital (DCFH). The ...

  • Annette Lestrade

    Weekly Recap: Top five stories you may have missed

    Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the institution, former banker for 30 years Annette Severin-Lestrade is the new managing director of the National Bank of Dominica (NBD). Severin-Lestrade who is ...

  • CEO of DAIC Lizra Fabien

    Private sector takes on vaccination survey

    The Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce, DAIC, along with other private sector organizations, are stepping up to the plate to gather accurate, factual information on Dominica's vaccination drive.