• Mrs Charles at the funeral of Pierre Charles

    When Prime Minister Pierre Charles died

    After attending what would eventually be his last Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Pierre Charles died Tuesday of a massive heart attack. He was 49. His death shocked a nation that ...

  • Wendel Alphonsus Patrick Lawrence,84, died on 02 January 2021

    Remembering some of the lives that we lost in 2021

    - Anthony John, chairman of the NBD board of directors (15 March 1962 to May 2021)

  • Retired in 2021 Alicia Jean Jacques

    Some of the Many Dominicans Who Celebrated in 2021

    - Alicia Jean Jacques, long-serving principal of the DGS retired

  • Trail Blazer of the Year- Leroy "Wadix" Charles

    The Sun's 2021 Trailblazer: Leroy "Wadix" Charles

    Despite his tender age and still being a schoolboy at the time, Leroy 'Prince Wadix' Charles did not allow that to stand in his way of creating the Dollars Dance ...

  • Dr. Henderson, left, and Julius "Handbag" Gabriel

    Politics in 2021

    In 2021 politics dominated the news, but that's not strange -Dominicans breathe, drink and eat politics every day.

  • Left to right: Lewis, late girlfriend Riviere and Judge Adrian- Roberts

    Law and Disorder in 2021

    Under normal circumstances, the law moves slowly but during the period of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the system almost stopped. So much for the popular maxim "justice delayed is justice ...

  • Guiyave Restaurant building on Cork Street, Roseau

    Business Unusual in 2021

    Almost all businesses, great and small, groaned in pain in 2021 due mainly to the Covid-19 pandemic and a moribund economy.

  • Best of the Best in 2021- Cornel and Carlyn Phillip

    Best of the Best in 2021

    While this year will go down as the worst year, certainly in my time, for music and entertainment there were a few highlights and personalities that weathered the Covid storm ...

  • Preparing a Covid-19 vaccine shot

    Covid in 2021

    As the end of 2021 fast approaches, the whole world, including Dominica, is looking out for the impact of Omicron, the new Covid -19 variant that is said to be ...

  • Signing of the airport contract with Anthony Haiden

    Dominica's economy in 2021

    At the end of a year crippled by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted that Dominica's economy would have "shown a modest recovery of 3.7 percent ...

  • The man who dominated the news in Dominica in 2021- Mahul Choksi

    Mehul Choksi, The Sun's Person-of-the-Year: "I have slept with diamonds"

    Mehul Choksi was born with a diamond spoon in his mouth. Not that he considered himself part of the Indian aristocracy, but as the son of a diamond merchant, his ...

  • Sun's Person of the Year 2021- Mahul Choksi

    Mehul Choksi is the Sun's Person of the Year

    If Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator of CSI: Miami, the American television drama series, ever needs material and a script for a new series, that may be called CSI: Roseau, ...