• Left:Phael "De Healer" Lander and his Dad Reginald "Third Eye" Lander

    De Healer and Third Eye: Dad and Son in Dominica ...

    Phael "De Healer" Lander believes he has what it takes to make it to the top of Calypso in Dominica.

  • Playing Pan: Members of Pan in Harmony

    The decline of pan

    It's Carnival day in the 2000s.

  • Black Diamond, the Calypsonian

    Calypso: West Africa it come from

    The Calypso art form is an indelible element in the colourful cultural tapestry of the Caribbean.

  • Calypso writers Jerry Llyod, Tim Durand, Pat Aaron and Ian Jackson

    How do you write a Calypso?

    Every year our songwriters and calypsonians churn out dozens of new calypsos in different styles  humorous, raunchy, uplifting  and they do it well.

  • Queen Ursula Etienne Harris and Carnival King Stanley Fadelle

    The first Miss Dominica

    The year is 1948.

  • Black Devils on Carnival Monday 2018

    Mas in DA in spite of Maria

    Dominica's Carnival is an explosion of creative energy that defies confinement of any sort.

  • Bishop Malzaire speaks at the Dominica Climate Change Day of Action at the Botanic Gardens, Roseau on Saturday November 28, 2015

    Bishop Malzaire: Enjoy carnival but respect yourself

    Carnival revelers can enjoy carnival without losing their dignity.

  • Calypso Final Ten: Large photos: (left to right): King Karessah, De Bobb; Dice; Tasha P: Small photos, top left Haxey; Jaydee; Centre- Sye; Scrunter: Bottom left- Chris B; Stephan

    Calypso Clash

    Nine calypsonians, including four former Monarchs, are going after the crown held by King Karassah this evening at what is expected to be a muddy and wet Newtown Savanah.

  • Mary Auriel Roberts, resident of the Dominica Bar Association

    Slow Justice after Maria

    Delays in the post Hurricane Maria resumption of court, civil and criminal, and the deplorable state of the building that houses the high court and registry are worrying to members ...

  • Carnival 2015 street parade

    Carnival hours cut again

    Hurricane Maria is continuing to negatively affect Dominica's carnival.

  • Cuffy, left, and Benoit Bardouille

    Bull butts back Benoit

    In what appears to be the latest episode in a reality TV drama, Val "Young Bull" Cuffy has left the bullring. Again. And this one came with more drama, more ...

  • Dr William "Para" Riviere

    European slave-trading: Part 1 – Slave Raiding

    The ancestors of black-skinned Dominicans arose from this material and spiritual African heritage. Unlike the Kalinago they did not come willingly but were forcibly brought in chains and shackles. Captured ...