• Luke Corriette,first in row, at an official function

    Remembering Luke Corriette

    Luke Corriette, a comrade, died without the comfort or presence of loved ones, alone as he faced the transition to the hereafter.

  • Vehicle disrupts protest near Labour Party House

    Stopping the Protest

    In the hot midday sun last Friday, Dominica's two main political parties almost clashed on the sidewalk near the new, bright-red Dominica Labour Party (DLP) building on King George V ...

  • Prime Minister Skerrit speaks at one of the DLP rallies in 2019

    "I calling the DAMN elections"

    Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is angry that the United Workers Party (UWP) has mounted a campaign to highlight a sum of $1.2 billion that they claim is not accounted for ...

  • Mrs Josephine Dublin, NCCU president, cuts the ribbon

    NCCU La Plaine Branch Officially Reopened

    The National Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. (NCCU) has officially reopened the La Plaine Branch. The Branch was extensively damaged during Hurricane Maria in September 2017.

  • DFP political leader Kent Vital

    Don't let them fool you!

    Bob Marley sang…

  • His Excellency Charles Savarin at an Independence Day Parade

    President Charles Savarin on the Elderly: "They have shown resilience, ...

    Dominicans must devote time to care for the elderly, especially those who are, unfortunately, disabled and poor and inadequately uncared for.

  • Left to right: Lennox Linton and Roosevelt Skerrit

    Lennox Linton – Issues of Trust

    It is not unusual for Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to lapse into extended sessions of hagiography and adoration whenever they speak about, or listen to, him.

  • Aleisha Roberts

    Two Dominican students attending school in two Caribbean islands have ...

    According to the Barbados Today newspaper, Dominique Lafond Queen's College student the daughter of obstetrician/gynecologist Dr. Geoffrey Lafond received grade 1's in Caribbean Studies, Chemistry, Physics, and Pure Mathematics, and ...

  • DFP political leader Kent Vital

    Overcoming Bad Politics part VI

    In the five articles prior to the last one under this column, we discussed removing bad politics from our land. Last week we paused that discussion to address an extremely ...

  • Dr Darius Lecointe

    In Defense of Universal Suffrage

    Dominicans have participated in fifteen elections since the successful struggle for universal adult suffrage. The first three of these elections were conducted without political parties. Now for the first time ...

  • Lawyer Elue Charles at a Electoral Reform Group meeting

    Group issues Final Report: Remove the roadblocks

    Remove the roadblocks, restart the engine and drive the electoral reform vehicle up to the plateau of free and fair

  • DFP political leader Kent Vital

    Overcoming Bad Politics Part V

    In last week's articles we noted that the Skerrit-led Labour Party seeks to promote the false argument that political opponents seeking political office must be in a position to personally ...