• Natoya John and her product

    Sae Jan's Yoghurt — tasty, healthy and local

    Natoya John and her husband Nathanial John have been busy whipping up something light, creamy and delicious!

  • A proud Dominican displays his creations at an Expo

    Made in DA

    Dominica offers many marketable goods, skills and services, but the vital output of the local manufacturing sector is often overlooked-especially products derived from the island's natural resources.

  • Leadership:Linton vs Skerrit

    There is nothing to suggest that things are falling apart in Lennox Linton's United Workers Party (UWP), a point strengthened by a recent poll by Alex Bruno, which found that ...

  • Dr. Joan Rawlins

    Dr. Rawlings: Lonely elders, a terrifying condition

    Older persons in Dominica and the region face a number of problems but the most troubling and disheartening is loneliness.

  • New Petite Savanne being constructed at Belvue Chopin

    Government of Dominica says there will be a new Petite ...

    Displaced Petite Savanne residents with concerns about being unable to farm if they resettle at Bellevue Chopin need not worry.

  • Chandler Hyacinth , Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education


    As Dominican teachers, parents and children enter a new school year from today, Monday 4 September, one primary school will remain closed.

  • Carrying "Blink's" coffin to the funeral

    "There is still a burnt pot laying there to be ...

    A couple weeks ago, villagers of Penville held a funeral service for the five young men who died in a vehicular accident a few weeks ago. They were: Mandela Ophar, ...

  • Bernard Wiltshire speaks at the Dominica Climate Change Day of Action at the Botanic Gardens, Roseau on Saturday November 28, 2015

    Bernard Wiltshire – we are polluting our highways with light

    With a $2 million grant from China, the Government of Dominica is to light up the E.O. LeBlanc and Dr. N.J.O Liverpool highways.

  • Dried marijuana

    Puff on a Spliff

    Government's policy on the issue might be clouded in smoke, but support for some form of legalisation of marijuana here is very much on a high.

  • A house and a fowl and a cat in abandoned Petite Savanne

    Abandoned Petite Savanne: Cool and quiet

    At first glance, Petite Savanne appears to be a picturesque country village set against a backdrop of lush green mountains and skirted by the bright blue sea.

  • Right to left: Linton, Francis, Bazil and Thomas at today's UWP press conference

    Police charge members of opposition

    Members of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) say they will not be moved or intimidated by the Roosevelt Skerrit led Dominica Labour Party (DLP) after the police slapped four ...

  • Worker at the Nature Island Paper Product booth at the 2015 Creole in the Street expo

    Toilet paper factory in full production

    Severin McKenzie, the Managing Director of Nature Islands Paper Products Inc. says that despite a delay in the arrival of raw materials his company was still able to meet some ...