Earl Grant is coming home, whether he wants to or not. If he's coming home by his own free will he should be here sometime before May 31st. Otherwise law officials in Dominica will ask United States to send him home to answer questions from the police.

That's according to Julien Prevost, the new Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

"We would like to put him on notice that unless he comes willingly to the country before the end of the month, I will be seeking the assistance of the Attorney General to have him extradited to Dominica," Prevost told the press here last week. "If he has nothing to hide, nothing to fear, he can come to the Police. I hope that we can make progress on that case before my stint is over."

Grant is wanted to answer questions related to the firebombing of the house of former chief magistrate G.O.N. Emmanuel in December 2010.

"I received the police file on the Christmas Day 2010 firebombing of Emanuel's home and was confident that there was enough evidence to request that Grant return to Dominica for questioning," Prevost said.

Meantime, Gene Pestaina the former DPP told the Hot Seat on Q95 radio that it is the Attorney General who "must take certain steps and not the DPP" to get Grant extradited. "It is an Executive decision if he does not come on his own free will. The AG must play a big role," Pestaina said.

Pestaina added: "The file was not sitting on my desk while I was there and when I left. I was waiting on the file and like you heard they said the file was not complete…like many others. This case has no statutory limitations and it's an indictable matter. The provisions of the Act must be followed. You must satisfy the AG in America that an offense was committed and there are a few stages and steps that must be taken it's not at all difficult to get him to Dominica if he does not come on his own free will."

Grant was implicated in a sworn statement by convict Denny Shillingford who claimed that he was recruited by Grant, then driven to Goodwill and given specific instructions to set the house on fire with Emanuel and his wife sleeping inside.

Grant has denied that statement and has stated that "he had nothing to hide" and would return to the Dominica from the United States to talk with the police.

He told Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan in an interview on The Next Level radio programme on Kairi FM after the fire that because of the nature of his business and the fact that he is presently serving as a juror in the United States, he was in contact with the police and would return to speak with them on the matter as soon as he settles his business.

"I have never contacted Denny Shillingford or have anything with Denny Shillingford. I've never get any contact with Denny Shillingford, I've never drove Denny Shillingford anywhere or even pay Denny Shillingford money to do anything for me. What would I benefit to doing anything to Mr. G.O.N. Emmanuel's house?" he asked. "So when they are saying about I run what is the reason for me running?"

Reports indicate that after hearing the comments of acting DPP Prevost, Grant is now in consultation with the government of Dominica and his lawyer in the US to decide his next move. The Sun understands that Grant was expected in Dominica last Friday.