Almost six months after Sergeant Philbert Bertrand was suspended by the Police Service Commission (PSC) he has not been informed of the reasons for his suspension, the Sun has been told. So he is preparing to head to the courts.

According to the PSC, the suspension was made in accordance with Section 79 (1) and (2) of the Police Service Commission Regulations with immediate effect.

Section 79 (1) of the Act states: "When the Commission becomes aware of any offence and the Commission is of the opinion that the public interest or the repute of the Service requires it, the Commission may direct the police officer in writing to cease to report for duty until further notice from the Commission, and a police officer so directed shall cease to perform the functions of his office forthwith."

Section 79 (2) "A police officer directed to cease to perform the duties of his office in accordance with sub regulation (1) shall continue to draw full pay until such date as shall be specified in an order made by the Commission under regulation 80."

A source who has inside information on the matter told the Sun: "Since he was suspended, no one has said anything. The man needs to know why he was suspended; since December 2012 Inspector Matthew Cuffy the investigator submitted his report and Bertrand has been vindicated and yet he remains on suspension; this is just unfair to the man."

But the source is of the view that Bertrand, a 20 year career policeman, will again rack up thousands of dollars like he did years ago when he was unlawfully removed from the Police Force after a Commission of Inquiry.

"He will go to court and win them big time, they need to reinstate the man…they have nothing on him; he is ready to get back to work and have his name cleared; they need to act now," the source stated.

The Sun has made several attempts to speak to Police Chief Daniel Carbon on this and other matters but he continues to maintain that he will speak to the press "on his own terms". When asked for comments on the issue, Sergeant Bertrand refereed the Sun to his lawyer J. Gildon Richards.