Should the Commonwealth of Dominica become Waitukubuli or any other suitable name? Some people say yes, Dominica is mistaken for the Dominican Republic too often, our mail gets sent there frequently and advertising the Nature Isle is a nightmare for everyone. Others say no, the exercise is too expensive and disruptive. But Sri Lanka was formerly known as Ceylon, Myanmar was named Burma, Thailand was formerly known as Siam, Rhodesia became Zimbabwe etc.

What is the public's view on the issue?

Deanella Daley, Castle Comfort

I don't believe that the name of Dominica should be changed; what we need is maybe promote Dominica more as Dominica 767, the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Yes, we do have Waitukubuli as one of our names but I believe Dominica is more realistic to us; it is what we were named by Christopher Columbus, meaning that he found Dominica on a Sunday. Everyone is already accustom to Dominica, so changing it does not make much sense, in my point of view. Plus it will be very costly to change. Think of all the things you have change like the laws and institutions like Dominica State College and Dominica Grammar School. We are not the Dominican Republic, we are Dominica the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

Your title here...Phillip Dover, Stockfarm

I believe what we have going on in Dominican Republic and Dominica may be confusing people a little bit and I believe even though we tell them Dominica, West Indies, some people still don't take that on, so I believe if we go back and rename it Waitukubuli I believe that is the only name in the world that wouldn't confuse us with the Dominican Republic. If the name changes I will support it, it is my country.

Jordan Jerome, Goodwill

I am against it. I don't think I want to think of myself in the future as someone else other than a Dominican. I am proud to be a Dominican and I stand by that.

Michael Durand, Castle Comfort

Honestly, if it going to be a costly thing just leave it alone but I understand the problems we have been having especially with our mail stuff going to the Dominican Republic; I have had lots of packages go to the Dominican Republic. If it needs to be it needs to be done but there is also something a lot of people don't know is that Dominica has a zip code; our zip is DM0112. It's good to inform people when they sending mail to put Commonwealth of Dominica, Southern Caribbean, because it helps.

David Augustine

I think we should leave it the same. Rightly is it Commonwealth of Dominica; I will just leave the same that's all. I don't think there is any other name we could have any more. Waitukubuli is too complicated because even now we have the Caribs we call them Kalinago and we still call them Caribs. It's complicated so I say Waitukubuli no, Dominica is better.