Part II of the article continued presenting on Paix-Bouche teams which participated in the national league from 2006 through 2017 and other leagues in 2018 and 2019. The article continues below.

Teams in National League (Ctd): Plans were well advanced for the return of DABA's national league in 2020, and had that league come to fruition two teams would have represented Paix-Bouche, viz. Paix-Bouche Super Eagles in the Senior Division and Paix-Bouche Super Eagles Under-18 in the Under-18 League. Unfortunately, due to the onset and intensification of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was never a jump ball and so basketballers are eagerly looking forward to what 2022 may bring to the court.

Their First Basketball League: With the growing popularity of the sport of basketball in Paix-Bouche, the community organized its first "Off-Season" league in 1999. Coinciding with the inaugural appearance of their Eagles team in the national league, Paix-Bouche's league was billed "Eagles Basketball League," with four teams competing, viz. Hawks, Legends, Lions and Vets.

Teams in External Community Leagues: In addition to participating in the national basketball league teams representing Paix-Bouche have participated in community leagues in the north and northeast of the island over several years.

1991 was a particularly busy year for Paix-Bouche basketball with the entry of the village's first team in DABA's League and having representative teams from the village participate in three community basketball leagues and one tournament.

These competitions were as follows: (a) Rural Eastern Basketball Organising Committee (REBOC) Leagues in 1991, 1992 and 1993; the team was simply named Paix-Bouche.

It is interesting to note that in 1991 Paix-Bouche's McPherson Ferrol won the REBOC League Slam Dunk contest. In 1992 Paix-Bouche emerged League runners-up, McPherson was the League MVP, whilst John Ferrol was the highest aggregate scorer in the league. John and McPherson were also selected on the REBOC All-East Team.

(b) Portsmouth/Possie Basketball League (PBL): Cobras from Paix-Bouche was one of nine teams which competed in the inaugural edition of the PBL, in 1991. Paix-Bouche Eagles subsequently won the PBL Division I League championship in 2016.

Paix-Bouche teams participated regularly in other editions of Portsmouth's League. And as Adenauer 'Washway' Douglas who heads basketball in Portsmouth noted, "Paix-Bouche" (referring to any team from that community) were always very competitive even though the championships were eluding them. He noted further that Kareem Ferrol was always a force to reckon with in that League. Paix-Bouche Snipers Under-17 team also participated in the 2015/2016 league but playing in the Under-17 Division.

(c) Other Leagues & Tournaments in 1991: A Paix-Bouche team participated in the 2nd Marigot/Wesley Basketball League which involved six teams, and in the Eastern Rural Basketball Invitational Tournament which also involved six teams but was played off in La Plaine that year. Paix-Bouche made it to the semi-finals of that tournament whilst McPherson Ferrol was voted the team's MVP.

(d) Kelver Darroux Basketball League: Paix-Bouche Super Eagles participated in the Kelver Darroux Basketball League which served as a quasi-national league in 2018, following the ravages of Hurricane Maria the previous year. The Super Eagles was one of the four teams which qualified for the playoffs of that competition.

Their Basketball Trophy & Accolades Cabinet With the community's involvement in basketball for three decades now, collectively the teams which have emerged from Paix-Bouche have some silverware and accolades to show for their 'sweat' and efforts.

  • 1991, McPherson Ferrol, Paix-Bouche: Voted team's MVP in the Eastern Rural Basketball Invitational Tournament

  • 1991, McPherson Ferrol, Paix-Bouche: Slam Dunk Champion at opening of the REBOC League

  • 1992, Paix-Bouche: Runners-up in REBOC 1992 League championship; McPherson Ferrol, League MVP; John Ferrol, Highest Aggregate Scorer in League; John and McPherson selected onto REBOC All-East Team

  • 1998, Vieille Case Co-operative Credit Union Paix-Bouche Cobras, in DABA League: Kareem Ferrol and Garvin Paul called up in squad of 50 for possible selection to the Dominica National Basketball Team

  • 2006, Silver Lining Eagles, in DABA League: Runners-up in Premier Division National League Championship

  • 2007, Silver Lining Eagles, in DABA League: Premier Division National Champions

  • 2013, Derrison Anthony, Paix-Bouche Eagles: Highest Aggregate Scorer in DABA Premier Division Regular League

  • 2016, Paix-Bouche Eagles, in Possie Basketball League: League Champions in 2015/2016 Possie (Portsmouth) Basketball League. Derrison Anthony voted MVP of Paix-Bouche Eagles

  • 2017, Paix-Bouche Primary School team: Winners of Primary Schools Basketball Mini-Festival

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