Prime minister Roosevelt skerrit gives one of his Independence Addresses
Prime minister Roosevelt skerrit gives one of his Independence Addresses

Look how well the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) is doing, seems to have been the message that Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit was trying to convey during his nearly hour-long Independence Day address.

Forced by the COVID-19 pandemic to forgo the usual site for the annual parade of uniformed groups and awards ceremony, the Windsor Park Sports Stadium, Skerrit delivered his 2021 independence address live from the conference room of the State House, where his 2019 DLP manifesto theme- 'Dynamic Dominica,' took the front row seat.

Forget the fact that during the speech the prime minister made no mention of the frequently called for stimulus package which will aid the many small businesses and families who have suffered and continue to suffer during the ongoing pandemic- he did, however, claim that "your" government has serviced their debt and kept the wheels of the economy turning.

"Despite the constraints, we have also been keeping our manifesto pledges and commitments," Skerrit said.

And to solidify the impression that he was delivering a praise-seeking speech of the DLP's accomplishment, Skerrit went in-depth to reiterate several of the promises which the party he has led for over two decades has stated in the past.

"Fellow Dominicans, our 2019 manifesto promised that the national housing stock will be amongst the highest quality and most hurricane resilient in the Caribbean. We have kept that pledge. We are changing the landscape of Dominica with new communities, and housing built to resilient standards," he said.

According to the prime minister, this year's Independence theme "United in Purpose, Our Health, Our Heritage, Our Future" should serve as a reminder to the citizens of the major accomplishments of his Government in improving healthcare in the country.

On the topic of job creation, he highlighted that under review is a partnership with Clear Harbor to expand its operations.

He said that this expansion will result in the establishment of a new branch for the American company at Picard, Portsmouth, and the permanent employment of an additional 150 individuals by January 2022, and a further 150 by May 2022.

After over four decades since gaining national independence, Skerrit stressed that the nation is now transforming into a modern society.

Not forgetting the much-talked-about international airport which was a staple in the DLP 2019 'Dynamic Dominica' manifesto and the ones prior, the prime minister reported that several key milestones have been realized to date.

He further added that a construction contract for this project will be granted in December 2021.

"We are witnessing the emergence of a new Dominica; a Dynamic Dominica, one that holds promise for our people, one that will enable us to fulfill our ambitions and live comfortable progressive lives. The government is doing its part. The foundation is being set," he said. "We will fight challenges and build the future one sector at a time. We will, as a sovereign nation, chart our direction into Dynamic Dominica. This is a journey of faith and a labour of love."

Repeating words which he uttered during his campaign, in the DLP manifesto, and during this year's budget address, the head of government vowed that he remains committed to the well-being of every single Dominican and will work with every citizen to create a "resilient Dynamic Dominica."

"Dominica will not cower; Dominica will not be fazed. We have shown that we have the capacity to overcome adversity. Your Government has shepherded you through the worst of times, and we will not fail you now," Skerrit said.