Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, left, and UWP political leader Lennox Linton
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, left, and UWP political leader Lennox Linton

Speaking live from Greece at 7.00pm tonight, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit urged his supporters to "condemn" what he described as a "sordid smear campaign" by the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) against him.

"We need to take a stand against this brazen action," Skerrit said. "Enough is enough".

Skerrit did not directly mention the specific accusation but it was obvious that he was referring to the UWP's recent agitation against the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme and the holders of Dominican diplomatic passports who have gotten into trouble with the law.

One of these surfaced this week and the ministry of foreign affairs issued a press release in which it presented "the facts" on the appointment of Iranian fugitive Ali Reza Ziba Halat Monfared, 43, as a diplomat and holder of a Dominica diplomatic passport.

And Skerrit was probably responding to the UWP public meeting held on Thursday evening when several speakers demanded the resignation of the Skerrit-led Dominica Labour Party government over the alleged lack of accountability and transparency of the CBI and the policy and practice of the issuance of diplomatic passports to foreigners of questionable reputation.

In his short address to the nation tonight, carried live on the State-owned DBS radio, Skerrit suggested that the UWP was attempting to "undermine" his economic rehabilitation programme after the devastation of Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015 that reportedly washed away 90% of the islands GDP.

"Let your voices be heard," Skerrit said to his supporters.