Prime Minister Roosvelt Skerrit
Prime Minister Roosvelt Skerrit

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit told the nation in his Christmas message that the sharing of gifts, food and cards has been a Dominican tradition for many years and his Government has its role to play as well.

"Viewed in the right perspective, the ultimate purpose of any government is to do its part to make the spirit of Christmas a tangible, daily reality for everyone, " Skerrit said. "The government which you have given me the honour to lead, will continue to work tirelessly to live up to the standard of trust you have placed in us. We will spare no effort to so transform Dominica, that there is equality of opportunity for all, and the vulnerable and helpless protected".

Skerrit added: "In spite of the challenges with which you may be confronted this Christmas, it is my hope that your spirit will never be crushed, that you and the members of your family see even better days ahead, because of the programmes for Dominicas advancement which, with Gods help and guidance, will unfold to your benefit in the New Year.

"As the year draws closer to its end, we thank God for sparing us from the effects of storms and hurricanes and for His watching over our country and our families. We thank him for the gift of geothermal energy and I ask you to pray that in the New Year we will see our plans for this resource coming to fruition.

"On your behalf, I send Christmas greetings and say thank you to the many friends and benefactors who have supported the development agenda of Dominica over the past year.

"I wish each of you a peaceful, happy and enjoyable Christmas filled with God`s blessings".