Craft on display at Creole in the Street mini expo
Craft on display at Creole in the Street mini expo

Make no mistake; starting a new business and trying to run it successfully in Dominica is not for the faint of heart.

The business climate is notoriously volatile. Problems come from all angles and in all forms. Most are totally unexpected; many are completely unpredictable.

A good business tactic today might not work tomorrow. Drawbacks hinge on diverse uncontrollable factors like the late arrival of a ship, a bad crop or a predatory bank.

The struggle of a small business operator in Dominica is like that of Bob Marley's 'Buffalo Soldier'—"fighting on arrival; fighting for survival." The smaller the business, the harder it is.

Like a champion boxer, Dominica's start-up entrepreneur must be strong of mind and body, be well trained, have a sound fight-plan and adapt quickly and effectively to the vagaries of the contest.

A good way for entry-level entrepreneurs to prepare for doing business in Dominica is to get informed advice from persons who know what it takes to start up a business and run it successfully.

To give budding entrepreneurs and other interested readers a clear idea of what getting into business and doing it well entails, The Sun compiled this week's supplement titled: "Big Deal about Small Biz".

It spotlights an experienced business owner, tracing the roots of his business and highlighting his approach to his enterprise.

It highlights a relatively new entrant in the manufacturing sector and explains the challenges operators in the manufacturing sector face and what can be done to help them.

It also shares the perspective of a financial institution whose job is to help new entrepreneurs get financing, make business plans and get other crucial advice and guidance.

Within all the articles are words of wisdom for prospective and existing entrepreneurs. The approaches and recommendations support each, clearly showing what it takes to increase your chances of success from the point of start-up.

It is often said that the business sector is the engine of growth of the economy. It is also said that this engine is only as strong as its weakest link – the small business operator.

By compiling this supplement, The Sun hopes that the information it contains will in some way add value to Dominica's business community and those who support it.

Even if the added value is small, we believe it will be worthwhile. Dominica's business sector needs all the help it can get— every bit counts.