Pensive faces of Petite Savanne residents on a boat as they leave their village
Pensive faces of Petite Savanne residents on a boat as they leave their village

Some evacuees want to spend Christmas at Petite Savanne

While Government is describing Bellevue as the ideal location for displaced Petite Savanne residents, the people are still waiting to hear directly from the authorities on the matter.

Recently, Chairman of the Ministerial Subcommittee for Resettlement, Dr. Colin McIntyre announced that Bellevue Chopin is an ideal area for the residents who were displaced by as a result of Tropical Storm Erika.

Dr McIntyre said that an appropriate piece of land from Bellevue Chopin will be selected and studies will be conducted to ensure that it is suitable for housing.

But a source said most of the residents had indicated to the Government that they wanted to go to Warner after being asked to choose from among Bellevue Chopin, Mopo/Marcatan, Warner, Sultan, Bordeaux and La Plaine.

Further, they are displeased that they only learnt of this decision via the radio instead of being informed directly at a meeting. The source said there are concerns that Belle Vue Chopin is a high risk area with active volcano mountains. Persons are also wondering whether insurance companies would be willing to insure homes in such an area.

The source said that the people want to hear from the government and are also asking about the results of an expert study that was conducted at Petite Savanne following Tropical Storm Erika.

According to the source, people have meanwhile been returning to the community to farm. Some persons have even been spending a few days there, the source said.

Additionally, the villagers have reportedly replaced one of the main bridges that connected two communities but which the river destroyed when it overflowed.

The source said the villagers used materials that were already in the community for infrastructural projects and were also able to acquire some from a builder who lived in Petite Savanne.

The source said some persons are even making plans to spend Christmas at Petite Savanne, particularly those from the Galba area.

Meanwhile, the source said that many residents still have their belongings at Petite Savanne and no place for storage.

Also, the Sun understands that some displaced Petite Savanne residents are still being housed at shelters.

A number of residents were being accommodated at shelters before being moved to hotels with the Government undertaking to pay the expenses.