Let's get this clear. No one's picking on Picky but he may be banned from the 2014 Calypso competition.

That's the price that Julian "Picky" Lockhart may have to pay for an outburst of temper last week.

The incident, on the evening on February 5, 2014 at the Stardom calypso tent "Tug of War" between the calypsonians, took fans and even calypsonians by surprise when Picky, not pleased with the way the show was progressing, took the matter in his hands and punched stage manager Tilly Thomas resulting in a cut under his eye.

Stardom Tent organizers strongly condemned Picky's action and he was immediately ordered out of the venue.

Val Cuffy, calypsonian and the Master of Ceremony expressed dismay and disgust at Picky's behaviour.

"The incident is rather unfortunate and despicable especially coming at a time when we are trying to rid our carnival of violent behaviour. To punch a man for no justifiable reason is unjust and cannot be tolerated in no shape or form and Picky, being a man involved in the art-form for 46 years should be man enough to apologize. I also recommend that he be strongly disciplined for his actions. Such behaviour shall not be permitted by anyone whatsoever and I strong condemn it," Cuffy said.

Davidson 'Observer" Victor, a member of the Stardom management team and Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) also strongly condemned Picky's behaviour.

"Such behaviour cannot and will not be tolerated and we need to send a clear message to all," he said.

Other persons have called for Picky's removal from the competition because of the incident. Co-coordinator of the Stardom tent, Christopher Dangleben, said tent organizers have already written to Picky asking for an apology. He has also been suspended from taking any further part in the Stardom tent.

"His conduct cannot and will not be tolerated. He will be suspended for the rest of the season and we want an apology," Dangleben said.

The DCA, the Sun has been told, has been informed of the matter and is due to meet to take "a firm decision on it" which may include Picky's expulsion from the semi finals. A few weeks ago, Son of the Saint was involved in an altercation with MC Alex Bruno. Stardom tent organizers have also suspended Son of the Saint from taking part in its activities for the rest of the season. -