Stephanie Astaphan
Stephanie Astaphan

The Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association (DHTA) has announced the selection of Stephanie Astaphan, MSc as its new Executive Vice President.

"We are pleased to announce this much needed appointment of a full-time Executive Vice President to the Association," said Gregor Nassief, DHTA President. "Stephanie has worked closely with the Association and its Board of Directors to restructure and strengthen the Association over the last year. She will make an important difference in ensuring that the Association achieves its goals."

Astaphan's background includes work-study experience in non-profit management, project administration and research. She earned a postgraduate degree in international economics from the University of the West Indies, with specialization in the area of trade and sustainable development economics. She has served as consultant and board member to the DHTA, providing support on a number of the Association's core services. Prior to this appointment, Stephanie was Program Officer at the Dominica Coalition of Service Industries, developing and implementing technical vocational training and certification programs, supporting capacity building grant proposals, and providing administrative coordination for CVQ Prior Learning and Assessment projects.

"I look forward to continuing to serve the DHTA membership and the tourism industry in this new capacity," Astaphan. "We will continue to pursue exceptional membership services and representation of membership interests towards enabling success in tourism of our current and future members, visitors, investors and travel partners, citizens and the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica."

The Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association is a non-profit organization providing centralized and innovative information, advocacy, and leadership for the tourism industry in Dominica.