I am writing this letter on behalf of a number of Dominicans and several others including the many tourists who daily post letters at the General Post Office about the quality of stamps presently on sale to the public and most importantly the problem of affixing those stamps on letters and cards.

For quite some time now, on the shelves at the post office could be seen many bottles of glue that you could use to affix the stamps on the envelope. Even that doesn't work as many people have complained of their letters not reaching its destination as the stamps usually drop out from the envelope during the course of movement here and there because the sticking component on the stamp is faulty.

At present if one goes to the post office you will see a number of bottles of glue all tied up with a string. This is a new practice, never before seen. What we used to know was the little water container with the rubber sponge therein which had been used for years to facilitate postage. This, to me, was the easiest and cheapest way of using the glue. When this stupidity began, the bottles were left untied and apparently it was noticed that they were taken away and as a result the bottles are now all tied up and very often they are all empty.

How on earth can such a thing happen in this modern age? Gone are the days of Mr. R.S. Merril, Mr. Ninian Royer, J.C. Josephs, Philip Rock, and the late Mr. Ralph Elwin. Whoever the present Postmaster General is should take a cue from those persons I just mentioned. I call on the Ministry responsible for postal services to look seriously into this matter as this can eventually become very costly for the authorities.

A Keen Observer