Cover of "Stories by Children"
Cover of "Stories by Children"

A book by Dominican children for all children sounds like a cool idea. It became reality on Saturday, 11 December at the Rosalie Resort where the book "Stories for Children" was launched.

Stories by Children is a literary movement celebrating poems, short stories and prose written by young authors, from Dominica and the diaspora, between the ages of 4 and 16.

"Volume 1 – Family" features 18 illustrated literary works from 17 authors.

"The theme of 'Family' for this debut publication is especially meaningful as it signifies the unity and love that the members share, said the publishers. "All the proceeds from the sale of this book will go into an education fund for the authors. Share this publication with your family and friends and be a part of this literary movement."

A Grand Fond-connected family club -the Fernance and Cyrilla Family Club (FCFC) are the producers of the publication. FCFC was formed in January 2018 in memory of deceased Fernance and Cyrille Prince of Grand-Fond. At present, the club has 60 registered members aged 21 and over and their dependents which include babies to 20 year-olds.

A release from the FCFC states that the book initiative celebrates the academic abilities of the children in the club, give them exposure and "promote an excitement for writing" among them.

In January 2021, the Board of Governors invited seventeen (17) authors of the Prince family from ages 4 to 15 years, living in Dominica and abroad to express their thoughts and feelings on the theme through poems, compositions and short stories.

The authors are: Abigail Saho, 8; Imani Henry, 10; Giana Oscar, 13; Gabrielle Oscar, 8; Joshua Saho, 7; Christopher Atilade, 10; Sade Atilade, 8; Hadassah Constant, 14; Hilkia Constant, 13; Kelano Pascal, 4; Zendaya Robinson, 8; Glendora Ettiene, 7, Dontae Carrington, 7; Sajjad Ahmed, 15; Shoaib Ahmed, 9; Keyondre Prevost, 6 and Humaira Ahmed, 5.