Roseau, Dominica, February 24, 2015 – They're nearly coconut-tree tall, almost frightening, always wonderful to look at. That's the Afri- Culture Stilt Walkers. In 2015 they were literally out of reach- the band grabbed three of the top prizes in the Adult Carnival Band Parade and the third prize in the Old Mas Parade.

This is among the highlights in a list of prize winners of the road parades for carnival 2015 announced by the Discover Dominica authority (DDA) and the Dominica festivals Committee (DFC).

The winners are as follows:

Opening parade – Best Float

1st – Dominica Planned Parenthood Association
2nd – National Development Bank (NDB)
3rd – Kubuli

Flag wavers

1st NBD- Best Flag Wavers 2nd - One Love 3rd- Bloaters


1st Lapo Kabwit – 4:00 a.m. Delices Old Mas Lapo Kabwit

Best Individual

Male: Symbert Mcpherson (The Cross)

Female: Patsy Allport (The Tablet)

Best Sensay: Kyle Durand

Best Steel Band: Pan in Motion (Ralph Felix)

Best J'ouvert band: Dominica State College Band (Your Place for Success)

Longest Lapo Kabwit on the Road: Newtown Lapeau

Largest Old Mas Group: Delices Old Mas Sensay

Best Costumed Group: SMRKS Girls Group

Old Mas Parade

1st place: Thunder Birds

2nd place: Neg Mahon – Castle Bruce

3rd place: Afri-culture Stilt Walkers

Children's Carnival Band Parade

Band of the Year: Primary Schools

St. Martin Primary School (Parrots of the Caribbean)

2nd place: San Sauveur (The Enchanted Forest & World of Myths)

3rd place: Let our Children be Children

Children's King of the Band: St. Martin Primary

Children's Queen of the Band: St. Martin Primary

Band of the year: Secondary Schools

Castle Bruce Secondary: Elements of Nature

2nd place: Goodwill Secondary (Walk like an Egyptian)

3rd place: Isaiah Thomas Secondary

Children King of the Band: Castle Bruce Secondary

Children's Queen of the Band: Goodwill Secondary

Children's Float of the Year: Primary/Secondary Schools

Beau Bois Pre-school: The Old Lady & the Shoe

2nd place: St. Mary's Primary – Pristine Dominica

3rd place: Pioneer Prep – Watch Your Steps

Adult Carnival Band Parade

Band of the year: Africulture Stilts Walkers

2nd place: Hysteria

3rd place: Thunder Birds

Adult King of the Band: Africulture Stilt Walkers

Adult Queen of the Band: Africulture Stilt Walkers