Miss Jaycees 2016, Tasia Floissac
Miss Jaycees 2016, Tasia Floissac

"I think she's got it!

I think she's got it!

By George, she's got it!

By George, she's got it!"

– Professor Higgins in the 1964 classic film "My Fair Lady".

In St John's, Antigua yesterday Sunday, Tasia Floissac, 22, the winsome beauty from Atkinson, won the 55th Miss Jaycees Queen Pageant.

And that has had Dominicans as ecstatic as Professor Higgins in the timeless 1964 film "My Fair Lady".

"By George, she's got it!"

Tarshia, didn't just get it. She nailed it, by winning three of the four judged segments.

Tell you the results?

Here it is:

Miss Jaycees 2016 : Dominica - Tasia Floissac

First runner up Antigua Barbuda - Leanda Ann Norville

Second runner up Nevis -Akeisha Fergus

Best Interview - Dominica - Tasia Floissac

Best Modelling Skills Evening Wear - Antigua Barbuda - Leanda Ann Norville

Best in Performing Talent - Dominica - Tasia Floissac

Best in Swimwear - Dominica - Tasia Floissac

True to theme (Cancer Awareness) Nevis - Akeisha Fergus

Most Photogenic – Dominica- Tasia Floissac

Miss Congeniality - St Kitts - Orngel Erskine

Who was Tasia up against?

The contestants who graced the stage on the night of Sunday 24th July, 7 pm at Carnival City were: Antigua and Barbuda- Leanda Ann Norville; Barbados- Megghan Michael; Dominica- Tasia Floissac,; Montserrat- Tabeanna Tuitt; Nevis- Akeisha Fergus; St. Kitts- Orngel Erskine; St. Lucia- Yvanna David; St. Vincent and the Grenadines-Jeanetta Richards; Trinidad and Tobago- Djenneca Francis; USA- Shawntay Henry and USVI Adisha Penn.

How did she feel afterwards?

This morning Tasia told Kamala Aaron, DBS's Talking Point host, that she was still stunned ("ecstatic" and "surreal" were the words she used) by her performance in Antigua:

"It really hasn't sunk in yet, I'll be very honest. I keep looking at the crown, it's so beautiful and I keep saying wait- I'm Miss Jaycees!"

How did she do it?

"I put my whole, all my emotions, all my feelings into every round".

How many Dominican beauties have won the Annual International Miss Jaycees Pageant (the show forms an integral part of Antigua's carnival)?

There has been at least eight:

Leandra Lander (2007)

Marah Walter (2008)

Laslassa Shillingford (2013)

Nadira Lando (2012)

Kathelene Telemarque (1973)

Marie Louise Rock (1975)

Dianne Francis (1986)

Marcia Baptiste (2010).