Student of the Year Conyana Yarde receives award from Chief Education Officer Ms Fontaine
Student of the Year Conyana Yarde receives award from Chief Education Officer Ms Fontaine

Students of the Dominica Community High School (DCHS) should be thankful to their principal, teachers and friends especially after leaving high school.

That's Father Peter Hill's advice; he delivered the homily at the school leaving ceremony on May 5.

Kimani George, Donnelle Ghita, Joel Joseph, Conyana Yarde, Khalil Toulon, Javeed Stoute, Noah Stoddard, Laila Langford, Alton Alcendor and Yana Ducreay were the ten students featured at the school leaving ceremony.

"As you move from being good to great one of the key things that we must all do is to remember two of the most powerful words in our vocabulary 'thank you'," said Father Peter Hill.

Father Hill said that often people forget to say thank you and tend to take everything for granted.

"As you leave school today don't forget your principal, don't forget your teachers, your staff, most of all your parents who sacrificed so much for you to be here today and make 'thank you' always be close to your lips," said Hill.

Father Hill also said students must cultivate good relationships with their classmates following high school.

Hill told the students that they should utilize social media such as Facebook to keep the relationships with their classmates ongoing.

"But in life to go far you need those good sustaining relationships; so as you continue on this journey continue to nurture and have good relationships because true friends are really going to keep you humble," he said.

David Vital, the feature speaker and Chief Executive Officer of the LEAD Institute said there is no shame in admitting that you don't know something or need help.

"Humility is not weakness or passivity. Humility, I think, is the ability to be teachable and teachable people readily admit that they don't know everything," he said.

He added that learning does not stop once you have earned a high school diploma or university education.

Vital said research has shown that on average human knowledge is doubling every thirteen months and will soon double every 12 hours.

"This means that what you know now will be absolute in the next twelve months…this emergence of new knowledge means that traditional jobs and careers are disappearing and being replaced by new ones," said Vital.

Vital said that there is an ongoing need to continuously replenish ones knowledge and "failure to upgrade your skill, failure to upgrade your knowledge will render you unfit to participate effectively."

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Marcella Powell said: "This event today is significant since your success is a direct result of your persistence throughout your period of grooming."

She said that the students presence at the ceremony is testament that their dreams can be achieved with sufficient motivation and determination to succeed.

Powell said that the students are at a point where they should begin preparations for their new stage in life.

The school leaving ceremony was held under the theme, "Humility Brings Wisdom".