Vernice Bellony
Vernice Bellony

In most communities today there is a common concern that good behavior has gone down the drain into the sea.

Let us as elders of Dominica find out why and what can be done do to minimize the use of this statement.

As a child, I remember the following which have assisted tremendously in helping us to live a respective and wholesome life.

We were always reminded of the benefits of having a good name. Here are some examples:

• Even if my mother and Tina, Andrea's mother, had a quarrel and do not greet each other, I dared not pass by and do not greet Tina. That was none of my business, she would complain to mama and you know what's next.

• You meet someone, anyone on the street you greet them "good morning Mam or Sir, or Teacher etc.

• I complain to home that the teacher scolded me? Mama would take me to the school, find out why and in the presence of children and teacher, double the beating – but later I would accept my scolding. What happens today? Foul language thrown at the teachers.

• Young boys and girls would meet in the Savannah above Prissy, give jokes, hear stories from elders etc., share what we have, plat straws for straw-hats, no disrespect. Today, young as we are, "SEX".

• Any adult could correct you, if you used indecent language out on the road, late at night or they find you in a problem with another youth and, of course, report to your parents, you know what would follow.

Children of the family would respect and obey the older ones and, for example, I, as the eldest daughter would scold my sister Dye and she dared not relent or strike me back? What? Not at all! She knows what would be the result. Today, do that and there is a big fight in the home.

I guess as you read through these anecdotes I am sure you can add more but suffice is to say that we may be able to find a way out and help our young boys and girls do better.

Of course, these are in some communities today a few youths whom we do not associate with the above. We, the seniors, are proud of them. One example is the president of our youth arm, Ms. Monelle Alexis, a model for our young ones to imitate.

Here are some ways by which we can assist: Befriend all the youth – instead of criticizing them, encourage them. I remember our past Credit Union manager organizing a session inviting the young men and women to thank them, there they delivered stories etc. What joy there was to see them happy knowing that all was not lost, they had friends. These remained very close to her. A pity we did not continue.

What our young ones need today is "LOVE" not pretence. Let us, as we read through, take time to befriend a young one whom everybody else ignores because of his or her attitude or behaviour.

May God enlighten us to so find and strengthen our effort to change the life of a young one in our community. You can do it with God's unfailing help.

With God everything is possible.

Vernice Bellony

Golden Age Group, Vieille Case