Carrying "Blink's" coffin to the funeral
Carrying "Blink's" coffin to the funeral

A couple weeks ago, villagers of Penville held a funeral service for the five young men who died in a vehicular accident a few weeks ago. They were: Mandela Ophar, 21; Clement Leblanc, 22; Jean Louis Sango, 25; Jude Jean, 21 and Chris Marcellin, 29. Here are excerpts from the eulogies of four of the deceased.

Mandela Ophar

"Today the sun shines through the range as we picture his sweet smiling face among the angels, no longer in this world of sin and pain... I want us all to remember to laugh and smile, and have fun every day, because we only get one life, and if we learned anything from my brother, we learned to enjoy our lives all the time because we aren't guaranteed tomorrow.

"I love you Mandella, and thank you for all for being here to celebrate my wonderful brother's full life".

Chris Marcellin

"Memories that I'd give up life itself to relive again; of your never-ending love for technical drawing, that not even repeated bad pay masters could deter you from completing a drawing/plan for another, of your love-hate relationship with the kitchen, of that smile on your face after you unwillingly burnt yet another pot in your attempt to whip something up to eat, so much so that there is still a burnt pot laying there to be scrubbed, but I have decided to leave it that way as yet another memory to bring a smile to my face every time I look at it…

Written by his Partner, Vernelle George

Cecil Jude Jr

Oh, how I wish this today would be one of the weekends when I visited my family and ceil would drop by saying "Good night Aunty". And I would hear my mother saying to him: "Ceco, now you reach? You eat already? In the kitchen have food"…

One of his favourite Facebook quote he shared was 'No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account, our grave will always be the same size … Be humble'.

Clement Jr. Le Blanc (aka Freso)

When I first heard & saw his nick name, he carved in unto a concrete pavement at my mom's house, I laughed so hard, and I asked him "But Bro, out of all nicknames you couldn't come up with a better one? He said, "Sis, you know I am unique, no one couldn't rock that name better than me."

"Clement had a great sense of humor with the brightest smile ever, (Those white teeth… Oh my God! I will surely miss).