Ann Graham
Ann Graham

"Boy, dat cat have a sweet life eh," said Bwa Agouti to himself one sunny afternoon. He was sitting on a fallen branch at the edge of the forest staring at Lily the cat who was being fed by her human master.

"All she doing is jus sleeping an eating whole day," he continued saying.

Bwa Agouti watched as Lily ate all her food then followed the human back inside the house.

"Greedy," he mumbled and was about to go play when suddenly he had an idea.

"I goin to dress up like a cat so d human can give me free food too, "he thought.

So Bwa Agouti ran home to make a fake tail, a pair of ears and some whiskers. When he was done, he glued them to his body and went to Lily the cat's home.

"Meow meow," he cried while he stood on the porch. Minutes later, the door opened and there stood the human. Bwa Agouti continued to make cat sounds until the human went inside and brought him back some food.

"Yessss!" he whispered excitedly then started to eat.

However, a few seconds later, Bwa Agouti heard a growling sound behind him.

"Oh shocks!" cried Bwa Agouti, "I forgot about that stupid dog."

Immediately, he leaped through the wooden banisters and ran out of the yard. The dog chased him for miles and soon six other dogs joined in as well.

Bwa Agouti learnt an important lesson that day: Thou shall not covet.

The end!