Ann Graham
Ann Graham

One afternoon, Baba Rat was having a silly argument with his best friend Bwa Agouti about rats being better than agoutis. They were going at it for about fifteen minutes until a grumpy old goat standing by got fed up and said,

"Allu doh makin no sense. Both of allu is d same!"

Immediately they stopped arguing and started to play a game when suddenly Baba Rat thought of an idea about how he could trick his friend into agreeing that rats are better.

So he said to him, "If you can bring me back at least one mango den I will tell everyone dat agoutis are better dan rats but if you doh bring it den you will tell everyone dat rats are better dan agoutis."

"Ok," said Bwa Agouti and instantly took off. However, as soon as he was far away, he stopped running and started to laugh.

"He tink I sòt!" Bwa Agouti said to himself, "I jus come an live on dis side of d forest but I aready know it doh have no mango trees there. But doh worry."

About ten minutes later, Baba Rat saw Bwa Agouti approaching him with a big, juicy mango in his paw. He was doing a silly dance while waving the mango in the air.

"Wat!!Where you get dat?" asked Baba Rat in confusion as soon as his friend was close.

Bwa Agouti answered,"garςon, I had aready know it doh have no mango trees on dis side of d forest so I jus asked Madame Sisserou to get me one across d lake."

In the end, Baba rat had no choice but to tell every animal he met that agoutis are better than rats.

Of course, Bwa Agouti ensured he did just that.

The end!