Man-Himself at a calypso finals show
Man-Himself at a calypso finals show

The rain poured and poured (yes, again), yet the calypsos came down-all 62 of them; some were good, some bad, some nonsensical…well, what do you expect from a Calypso Elimination Show?

For instance, one calypsonian, calling himself FBI, sang a real funny calypso dubbed "Dead Man Money". Here's one of the verses:

"Officer what you did with the money/ You took from the dead-man wallet/ 'I put it to dry/ When I look, de money fly'"

But there were some serious and interesting calypsos as well.

Davidson "Observer" Victor asked: "What Shall We Bring" to the table when the nation discusses issues such as crime and the age of consent. He made it to the Quarters.

Dino said he should be made President because he has the required experience.

"We want Dino for President/ The very same Ayatolla/ Who bring down Labar/ They make him their President"

Dino was eliminated.

Two veterans did not make it to the next stage: Hakesy and Pickey.

Appearing on stage in dark shades, Mighty Hakesy sang: Power Never Lasts.

"It is our attitude and our ignorance/ That is keeping the country down/ We forget we are our brother's keepers/ When are we going to learn?/ Political gangsters are destroying this country".

Mass Eruption warned that since "Election Coming" politicians will make promises that they cannot keep and "Preacher" made a plea for markets for the farmers in a song called "Farmers Plight."

"Year after year, farmers taking blows/ Dasheen does not sell, Bondia/ We want more sale for our produce"

At the end of the show, Beetle J, Man Himself, Young Bull, Wave, Trendsetter, Triumph, Chris B, Leona, Observer, Checko, Booplay, and Lugars were named as the competitors at the Quarter Finals.

Wave is the only newcomer to the Quarters.

Dubbed the biggest show of the Calypso Season, the Eliminations were held on Saturday at the Krazy Koconuts.