"Change is a phenomenon

Comes with the rising sun

The fundamental principle

It's only truth that always remains the same."

These are some of the words of one of Dice's songs, "Time for Change", which propelled him to win the Calypso King crown last Saturday night for the seventh time.

Well, to tell you the truth, Dice has been making a mockery of his own words; he has apparently become a permanent fixture at the top of the Calypso ladder in Dominica. There's hasn't been a change for many years.

"The imitable, the incomparable, and it seems, unassailable Dice does it again", said veteran commentator Ossie Lewis on DBS Radio. "The wizardry and genius of Dennison "Dice" Joseph has done it again."

Not even the "coco-macque" of Michael "Boople" LaFleur could have helped to defeat Dice in the Finals of the Calypso competition held at the Windsor Park Stadium and attended by a crowd of close to ten thousand people.

What's amazing is that Boople, the magician, seems to have played a trick on himself by under-performing "Magician Politician" in round two, one of the best Calypsos of the year.

In round one of the two-round competition, Dice, dressed as a buccaneer, warned about politicians "Selling the Caribbean" to China and Venezuela. With the vividness and clarity of that presentation, Dice effectively hit the other nine competitors for six.

Bobb, what else can you do to win the Calypso crown? Wish I knew, Bobb. Maybe you need to rethink your policy and indeed try to be like a David Rudder or Michael Jackson instead of trying to be a "Real Dominican Calypsonian." That might do it.

But all jokes aside, Bobb was at the top of his game with both "Strength in Numbers" and "Original Dominica Calypsonian." He placed second.

Webster "Webb" Marie with "One People" and "Like Father like Son" placed third but essentially the latter song was the one that drove Webb to that position; he stretched and strained to make "One People" worthy of the Calypso Finals.

The amazing story of the Finals is that they say "They Don't Know" whether Derrick "Hunter" St. Rose should enrol in his own St. Rose Academy to learn how to defeat Dice. Being a policeman, maybe Hunter should just arrest Dice and keep him locked up for the duration of the Calypso Finals in 2015. Not a good idea? We agree, but there's no other way Hunter can beat Dice in Calypso. Hunter was placed at number four.

If John "Wave" Bruno was a real tidal wave he would have died before reaching the shore. "I Must Speak", the song he performed in round two helped him re-capture some of the forward movement that he lost on the rocks of "We can be Dominicans Again", his song in round one.

But Wave, as well as Leona, another new-comer in the 2014 Finals, has lived to fight another day because of their creditable performances.

And finally, is it a "Rumour" that Julian "Superior Picky" Lockhart had such an inferior performance in the second round with "Time was When" that the crowd felt sorry for the 46-year veteran when, half-way through that song, he went completely blank? Yes, it's true; but Picky, and most of the massive crowd, will be back next year.