They marched for justice, jobs and just for an opportunity to tell the government that "Enuf is Enuf".

Last week the opposition United Workers Party's 1000 Patriots March, that started at Lindo Park in Goodwill and wound its way through the streets of Roseau ending in Lagoon on Independence Street, did not achieve the planned numbers but marchers will argue it's not the pairs of boots on the ground that matters. It's the message the boots conveyed.

And the few hastily designed placards showed a variety of messages:

"United for Justice"

"There is no peace without justice"

"Corruption killing DA. Where all d passport $?"

"Autocrats are like nappies. They should be changed often"

At the Lagoon meeting held three hours after the march, Brian Linton, the brother of the UWP's political leader, Lennox Linton, said there's widespread victimization of the people of Marigot and Salisbury by the Roosevelt Skerrit administration.

"I was talking to a young lady a few weeks ago, and she is informing me that she is in the process of applying for work... But when making those applications she has to make sure that the address that she puts on her letter is an address of anywhere else other than Marigot or Salisbury," said Brian Linton.

He said students who have left college are being victimized solely because they reside in Marigot.

"This foolishness, this wickedness must stop," he said.

Meanwhile, Lennox Linton said his supporters were marching in the streets of Roseau for common causes such as jobs, justice, cost of living and quality of life and electoral reform.

Linton said in a democracy it is essential to stand up to the governing party when it is not performing well.

Linton noted that the government is refusing to build a national hospital at Marigot to cater to the needs of thousands of people living between the Kalinago Territory and Calibishie.

"The government knows the importance of that facility, the government knows that it is not only people that vote for it is using that facility but they do not care," he stated. "All they are telling us is they are going to spend a few hundred thousand dollars this year on plans, on designs and on preparation," he said.