Dominicans express their views on whether they will or will not take the COVID-19 vaccine

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced that a COVID-19 vaccine could be available to Dominicans by the end of March 2021.

But some residents have declared that they will not, under any circumstances, take any vaccine despite the declaration from health officials that the vaccines are safe.

Others say they will take the vaccine.

Last week we asked a few people their opinions on the subject. Here's what they said:


"I will not be taking the vaccine if it is ever available in Dominica. We have so many local remedies to kill that virus so I'm not trusting Skerrit with his vaccine. I will stick to what I know locally".


"I will not be taking the vaccine when it becomes available because this was too rushed. There are so many other diseases and illnesses which have been plaguing the world and they are yet to get a cure but for this one, it came so quickly. I do not trust it so I will not be taking the vaccine".


"These vaccines have been tested and found to be safe therefore citizens should seriously consider taking them when available. I also think that the PM should make it mandatory. I encourage my fellow citizens to not be fooled into not taking the vaccine when it arrives on Dominican shores. This virus is no laughing matter. The vaccine is our best hope for now".


"I'm not interested in taking the vaccine. Dominica has been doing well in curing the cases we have with no death so whatever they are doing to cure people is working so I am not going to take a vaccine and risk my life".


"I will not be taking no vaccine, nor will my children. When Skerrit and his family take it I'm sure they will have a live show, but I assure you it is water they will be injecting in them".


"The only way I'll take it is if they say, you must do so for it to have carnival next year."


"Zero deaths, no symptoms, so why is our leader trying to force this on us? There is an alternative agenda here and once we study the history of vaccines as it concerns our people, we can be almost 100% certain that this is purely down to population control".


"Millions of people have already taken the vaccine and from all reports, there are limited side effects, so I would take the vaccine to safeguard myself and my family because I do want to return to a world of normal."


I will never inject that in my system. They have not gone through the rigorous trial that historically other vaccines have been through, even trying them on animals before humans. They simply came from a lab and these experts are trying to inject them straight into us. These people have a diabolic agenda".


"When the vaccine arrives in Dominica I will be one of the first people to take it. I am in the tourism industry and that means that when we allow ships and tourist back in our country, people like me, taxi operators, tour guides, we'll all be in direct contact with them. So we must do what we have to do to protect ourselves and family. This COVID-19 isn't a joke, and the vaccine should be a must for all essential workers".