Sour-Sour and Tasha P make faces at each other in the carnival band on Kennedy Avenue, Roseau, in 2011
Sour-Sour and Tasha P make faces at each other in the carnival band on Kennedy Avenue, Roseau, in 2011

The government of Dominica has answered the call of vaccinated carnival lovers by providing a semblance of Mas Dominik in 2022.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit recently announced his government's decision for approval of the hosting of special entertainment events during the period, February 20- March 1, 2022.

This announcement has sparked much debate hence The Sun sought public feedback on vaxxed only carnival.

Anderson: "Carnival for the vaccinated only is unfair. So what about the unvaccinated, we don't exist? Plus, I believe this is a disaster in the making. People can test negative for COVID-19 while they have the virus in their system so I would certainly rethink that decision if I was the government."

Paula: "Limited access to church but 500 can attend sewo. This government's priority is certainly not in the right place."

Rosema Jno Baptiste: "We need to accept that this virus will be around for a very long time so it's time we get back to our usual activities. Those of us who took the vaccine did it in the best interest of all so yes I support the vaccinated-only carnival and I'll be attending."

Rodney: "As a health care worker I'm very concerned about what the days and weeks after these vaccinated only jams will look like. Our healthcare system is already overburdened and the government is well aware of this so to me they are adding insult to injury. Someone's vaccination status doesn't prevent them from carrying and spreading the virus. Within the 24 hours that you are asked to get tested to attend the event, someone can easily contact COVID-19. I understand that there's an urgency to get back to some level of normalcy but this is not it and this decision will not be a good one in the long run."

Kenson: "I happy for the little carnival but I believe there will be a war in the stadium. Almost 30,000 people vaccinated and only 500 can attend events, especially on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. The time too short as well, no J'ouvert or nothing. They should have J'ouvert in the morning and another jam in the afternoon so more people can attend and the Stadium big enough to hold more than 500 people."

Vera Seaman: "While we're being told that vaccination will significantly reduce our chances of getting infected and infecting others, they are not 100 percent effective. There is still a margin of error, and a percentage of people who are fully vaccinated still get COVID-19. So with this knowledge, any event or activity which will cause mass gathering should not be staged at this time. Dominica is one of the lucky countries as it relates to COVID-19 deaths and the Ministry of Health efforts must be commended but we shouldn't take our good fortune thus far for granted."

Yannel: "The little free up is a good thing but it shouldn't be only for the vaccinated. The unvaccinated can provide a test in 24 hours as well to attend the events. Is like they want to force people to take their vaccine but I hope next election the government says only vaccinated should vote."

Kernita: "The government damned if they do and damned if they don't. I support the vaccinated carnival. When we go under lockdown people were crying now we get a little jam they are still complaining. Well, who wants to go will go and who doesn't stay at all you home and leave people to enjoy themselves."

Marshal: "People want to free up so I'm in support of carnival but it's not right that only a few people will get to enjoy it. There should be a vaccinated bubble carnival in all villages. That way you can cater to more people."

Marlon: "I personally believe regardless of the patron's vaccination status these activities leave a lot of room for error. For now, our main focus should be getting COVID-19 numbers down, not having events that will increase these numbers. Carnival and jam can wait. Our students have been struggling with online school, the health care workers are overworked and many other sectors of society are affected so that should be the focus not pleasing a certain few by having carnival and further spreading this virus."