Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrived at the Douglas Charles airport in Dominica this afternoon where he officially presented 300 houses to Dominica after the battering of Tropical Storm Erika on 27 August.

"I would like to express to the Dominican people that you can count on the support of Venezuela and the fellow members of ALBA and Petrocaribe," said President Maduro in a speech he presented on his arrival via St.Kitts.

As part of this trip, Maduro meet with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to discuss cooperation efforts in the area of disaster relief management.

"We are going to meet in private to discuss ways in which ALBA and Petrocaribe can assist as the country recovers, so that the country can rebuild as soon as possible," Maduro added.

In response, Prime Minister Skerrit, expressed gratitude towards the Venezuelan government for its assistance.

Skerrit said after the storm President Maduro was not asked for for help; Maduro called to make to offer his assistance.

"We have received lots of help with from Petrocaribe and ALBA and from our Venezuelan friends," Skerrit said.

This is Maduro's second trip to Dominica but his first as President of Venezuela.