Ann Graham
Ann Graham

Bwa Agouti had never been more humiliated in his entire life. Just a while ago, all his friends had refused to play with him and called him a thief. He was so embarrassed that all he could do was run away and hide inside a small cave near the river.

"Me! A teeth!" said Bwa Agouti to himself as he tried to forget the number of times he stole from them.

After a few minutes of grumbling, Bwa Agouti decided that he could not stay without friends and so needed to find a way to make them like him again.

So the next day, Bwa Agouti got up early in the morning, and went throughout the forest with a big bag collecting his friends' favourite foods. For Rampsy the goat he collected grass, for Sisserou the parrot he collected seeds, for Penny the pig he collect rotten fruits and so on.

Finally, when he was done, he went to a small clearing, where he knew they all were and called out to them.

"Hey, allu!" he shouted.

Upon hearing his voice, they immediately stopped playing and looked at him.

"Wat you want Bwa?" asked Rampsy the goat stepping forward, "We not playing with you again."

"Err, I bring something for allu we," said Bwa Agouti holding out the bag, "look."

Rampsy gave him a funny look then took the bag. He opened it and stared at its contents. All the other animals came to look as well.

"So I can play with allu now?" asked Bwa Agouti timidly.

Rampsy sighed then looked at him and asked,

"Bwa, how long it took you to get dat?"

"All morning," answered Bwa Agouti.

"Well, "continued Rampsy, "you placed so much effort in gadering all dat food but you could not even place half d effort in apologizing."

Bwa Agouti bowed his head in shamed. Rampsy was right, he thought to himself. It was so much easier for him to try to win back their friendship instead of simply apologizing.

"I-I'm sorry g-guys," said Bwa Agouti after a moment.

"Apology accepted," said all the animals together.

Soon after, they went on to share the food between them and played afterwards.