Dominica Freedom Party Political Leader Kent Vital
Dominica Freedom Party Political Leader Kent Vital

In last week's article we noted that we have a huge problem on our hands – the soul of our nation is being sapped and we all know it as we observe that: our economy is weak and crumbling given the lack of sound economic management and the lack of economic dynamism and resilience; our democracy is being subverted; and the social cohesiveness of our society is worsening while there is much moral decay. We noted that at the core of our problem in Dominica is a corrupt ruling political regime that wants to hold onto power at any cost including through the use of military force and electoral fraud.

We listed three interrelated strategies that are highly important to remove the current ruling regime from governance. These three strategies are: attempts to unite the electorate towards success at unseating the current corrupt ruling regime and subsequently building a thriving nation; efforts to break the economic stranglehold that the ruling regime has on the people of Dominica; and continued and enhanced efforts to share information with our people as part of efforts to reach their hearts concerning appropriate political actions.

Let us continue to discuss the first area – the need to unite the electorate. We are only as strong as we are united; as weak as we are divided (J. k Rowling). Another writer noted that even the weak become strong when they are united! One of the strategies used by the ruling evil political regime in Dominica to retain power is to seek to keep the people divided. When we the people remain divided into various political and civic groups, each group has less power to bring change. But our democracy is under such extreme assault from the current evil ruling regime, that there is an urgent need to optimize our resistance effort and one of the clear ways to do so is to unite the electorate. In that regard, towards preparing for the next general elections, there is need to have only one candidate going up against the candidate for the incumbent evil regime. Anything short of that will only weaken our chances at saving our nation. Secondly, with regards to saving our country, we have to reach out to increase and unify the resolve of all Dominicans who are full of Godly reverent fear (as our anthem says) or those who want to get on the right track and do the right thing. The aim must be to secure an overwhelming majority that would increase the odds of overcoming electoral bribery and other fraud. But we must also do whatever is morally right, as necessary, to prevent electoral fraud, but the environment for doing so will be much more accommodating if the electorate is of one mind and highly motivated to prevent or stop wrongdoing. As efforts to unite the electorate becomes increasingly effective, that in itself will fuel greater success. We have to work towards the point where the government will respect the will of the people.

The goal of uniting the electorate is not an easy one, but when our backs are against the wall, we will need to pursue even the difficult things. As Jay Weatherill puts it - - you don't get unity by ignoring the questions that have to be faced. But I stand ready to work with all political parties and civic organizations and independent persons as we face this task. I am encouraged that a consciousness of the need to unite the electorate is growing. I appeal to all to ponder carefully the importance of this task.

The ruling regime seeks to demonize individuals and spread hate against these individuals or their political parties. When they say things like "You guys sound like the UWP" what they are really seeking to do is to keep political parties apart and spread hate because they know the power of uniting the people and the power of knowledge of the truth. That sort of divide and rule tactic has the psychological impact of causing some to seek to unnecessarily stayaway and distinguish themselves from the others. But this is not the time for usual politics and for an unnecessary focus on distinguishing oneself. It is time to face the harsh reality that we are losing our democracy and freedom and that the country is sinking into deeper economic despair. Instead, we must recognize the tactics that are being used by the evil regime and push back by effectively countering their divide and rule strategies. For instance, we must explain to our people that truth does sound alike and that one should prefer to be on the side of truth than on the side of evil.

Clearly, we have to use our resources effectively as we seek to save our nation. Cooperation among our people, political parties and civic organizations would go a long way in contributing to this. Furthermore, there is urgency to begin efforts to unite the electorate. Next week we will expound on these two latter.

Kent Vital Economist