Dominica Freedom Party Political Leader Kent Vital
Dominica Freedom Party Political Leader Kent Vital

In the last two articles we have been discussing the three interrelated strategies that are highly important to remove the corrupt current ruling political regime from governance and in so doing contribute greatly to saving our country. These three strategies are: attempts to unite the electorate towards success at unseating the current corrupt ruling regime and subsequently building a thriving nation; efforts to break the economic stranglehold that the ruling regime has on the people of Dominica; and continued and enhanced efforts to share information with our people as part of efforts to reach their hearts concerning doing the right things.

In the last article we expounded on the first area – the need to unite the electorate. We noted that when we the people remain divided into various political and civic groups, then each group has less power to bring change. But our democracy is under such extreme assault from the current evil ruling regime, that there is an urgent need to optimize our resistance effort and one of the clear ways to do so is to unite the electorate. It was further noted that the goal of uniting the electorate is not an easy one, but when our backs are against the wall, we will need to pursue even the difficult things.

Let us reiterate that now is not the time for usual politics and hence for an unnecessary focus on distinguishing one's group. Rather, it is time to face the harsh reality that we are losing our democracy and freedom and that the country is sinking into deeper economic despair. Importantly, we must recognize the tactics that are being used by the evil regime and push back by effectively countering their divide and rule strategy and other strategies.

Clearly, we have to use our resources effectively as we seek to save our nation. Cooperation among our people across political parties, civic organizations and independent players would go a long way to contributing to this. Let us just think of the reality for a moment. There are no significant differences between existing opposition political parties with respect to broad political and economic philosophy while many individuals who are not aligned to a political party, generally align to that same philosophy as the existing opposition parties. As far as I can decern, all the opposition, political parties as well as independent individuals largely converge in terms of what they recognize to be a broad vision for our country and the broad strategies that could be pursued to get there. Furthermore, there is much convergence even with respect to some of the proposed economic and social strategies at the more detailed level! But in the final analysis, all right-thinking Dominicans would agree that it has become absolutely necessary to remove the current regime from office if Dominica is to stop its slide towards economic misery and the loss of freedom and our democracy. Clearly, we need to muster all the resources we can to save our country and we must use these resources efficiently. But financial resources are scarce especially given that the country has had a weak economy for quite some years now. Moreover, human resources, especially with respect to those willing to offer themselves to be elected to parliament, are also limited due in part to the small population on the Island. But beyond the limitation of population size, the availability of individuals who are opposed to the current regime and willing to offer themselves for political office, is clearly significantly diminished by the fear that otherwise willing persons harbour that economic terrorism would be waged by the ruling regime against them along with their families and even their close friends. Given the points of convergence among political parties and other independent individuals, logic tells me that one solution to the limited financial and human resources could be the unifying of the electorate in ways that reduces the competition for resources among the various groups and individuals or in ways that result in the more effective and efficient use of resources.

But arrangements towards unifying the electorate that needs to take place between political parties, independent individuals and other concerned civic groups, may not be arrived at easily. It is not going to be an easy conversation. But this is why the process must begin sooner rather than later. I ask all of you my fellow countrymen to place country considerations ahead of party or individual considerations. In that regard, let us seek to arrive at "win-win" strategies. Let us think logically and not emotionally. I believe that there is urgency to begin efforts to unite the electorate. If we wait too long to begin these efforts, we may not have adequate time to iron out the details and this may cause persons to go into the fall-back position - to compete separately. But I am encouraged by the discussion that I have already been having concerning the need to unite the electorate. I am committed to championing this cause! The doors are open.

Kent Vital Economist