O.J. Seraphine
O.J. Seraphine

I have since been contacted by direct sources of the other PM's to inquire as to the status of the very well-advertised humane and ostensibly honorable offer of PM Skerrit. Since following his address on 3rd November 2018 there have been two sittings of parliament -in December 2018 and mid-January 2019 which took place without mention of the need for any ad hoc or standing committees to execute his recommendations.

This is curious and so consequently and with due respect - it is of paramount concern that that which was spectacularly publicly proffered months ago should not now APPEAR to be cast in limbo or placed under the rug .

The ability for past PM's to live with the dignity subscribed by the PM in his moment of empathy -irrespective of party persuasions and of which he said months ago was his HIGHEST PRIORITY remains ever constant.

It would be unfortunate that any lack of acceptance of the PM's proposals or by the further recommendation of the Opposition Leader or committee members (if any) can serve as a delay mechanism. The leader of this country has spoken publicly on this matter as an issue of maturity which he said on 3rd of November 2018 required the most urgent immediate attention and action.

We, therefore, continue to await the result of the PM's offer which naturally should transcend over all the present vicissitudes of the discourse of pre-election political considerations and strategies. We are aware there may be those in or out of government who may lack that inspired concern as expressed by the present Leader for that immediate recognition of past Leaders and so we wait for the implementation of the clear policy enunciated by the present prime minister.

Oliver J Seraphin JP, Former Prime Minister