West Indies Cricket team
West Indies Cricket team

The following are specific areas of the key principles relevant to West Indies Cricket:

International cricket based on meritocracy

ICC key principle: "All Members to play all formats of cricket (Test, ODI & T20I) on merit, with participation based on meritocracy; no immunity to any country, and no change to membership status."

Relevant details specific to West Indies Cricket:

• West Indies is in no imminent danger of losing Test status or being relegated. Relegation will only affect the 9th and 10th placed teams.

• The West Indies Men's Team currently holds the 7th ranked position in Tests, 8th in ODIs and 5th in T20Is. The West Indies is the reigning ICC World T20 Champions.

Current ICC Test Rankings

  1. South Africa (133 points)

  2. India (117 points)

  3. Australia (111 points)

  4. England (107 points)

  5. Pakistan (100 points)

  6. Sri Lanka (90 points)

  7. West Indies (87 points)

  8. New Zealand (82 points)

  9. Zimbabwe (34 points)

  10. Bangladesh (18 points)

ICC governance

ICC key principles:

(i) "Recognition of the need for strong leadership of the ICC, involving leading Members, which will involve Board of Control for Cricket in India taking a central leadership responsibility."

(ii) "The establishment of an Executive Committee (ExCo) and Financial & Commercial Affairs Committee (F&CA) to provide leadership at an operational level, with five members, including BCCI, CA and ECB representatives. Anybody from within the Board can be elected to Chair the Board and anybody from within ExCo and F&CA can be elected to Chair those Committees."

Relevant details specific to West Indies Cricket:

• WICB remains a Full Member of the ICC with all governance rights as all other Full Members.

•West Indians eligible to being elected to the Presidency, Vice Presidency and Chairmanship of the ICC.

• WICB eligible for inclusion in and chairmanship of ExCo.

•WICB President Whycliffe 'Dave' Cameron is a member of the F&CA Committee. WICB eligible for chairmanship of F&CA.

• West Indians not in any way excluded from membership or chairmanship of any committee of the ICC.

Structure of future tours programme

ICC Key principle: "Mutually agreed bi-lateral Future Tours Programmes Agreements which will be legally binding and bankable and will run for the same period as the ICC commercial rights cycle (2015-2023)."

Relevant details specific to West Indies Cricket:

• Benefit to West Indies cricket as per proposed ftp formula: West Indies will have an opportunity, through bi-lateral agreements, to increase the number of matches and series (Tests, ODIs and T20Is) played annually by the West Indies Men's Team against higher ranked opposition and against teams which are profitable to the WICB. These will include matches and series both in the West Indies and overseas.

• Benefit to West Indies cricket as per proposed ftp formula: Through initial discussions the BCCI, ECB and CA have all committed to increased tours to the West Indies over the next eight year cycle (2015-2023). This is in addition to the India, England and Australia tours which are currently on the existing FTP.

• Benefit to West Indies cricket as per proposed ftp formula: As per the new proposed system the West Indies will have no inflexible obligations to host tours during the height of the hurricane season.

• Constraint to West Indies cricket as per existing ftp formula: The WICB will not be bound by any obligation to host unprofitable tours (which is what obtains under the current FTP system). All tours will be determined on the basis of bilateral negotiations between host and visiting boards.

#### ICC shared revenue

ICC key principle: "A need to recognise the varying contribution of Full Members to the value of ICC events through the payment of 'contribution costs

Relevant details specific to West Indies Cricket:

•Based on new proposed system of ICC revenue sharing for the upcoming eight year cycle (2015-2023) WICB projects to receive at least 100% increase on the previous eight year cycle (2006-2014).

• Annual Test Match Fund which is specifically to support Full Members other than India, England and Australia. This will allow the WICB a financial buffer in the hosting of Test cricket against unprofitable teams.

•Tours of India, England and Australia to the West Indies are the most commercially viable for the WICB and a system of bi-lateral agreements for tours and series will allow the WICB greater opportunity to enhance its financial position to the benefit of West Indies cricket.

•Increased WICB revenue through ICC revenue sharing system will allow the WICB to realistically examine the possibility of a menu of initiatives and expansions which include but are not limited to expanded regional cricket season, player development, expanded regional cricket season, expanded West Indies A Team programme, match officials and umpires development and pitch preparation among other areas