Bishop Bill Daniel

Bishop Michael Bill Daniel died in August 2014. He served as Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies Dominica District from 2000 to 2014 and Pastor of the People's Pentecostal Family Church from 2001 to 2014. Up to the time of his death he was serving as the President of the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches. He was the Pastor of the Cochrane Pentecostal Church for 22 years and was the founder of the Shepherd's Care Social Ministry.

Gifford Walsh

Gifford Walsh, the former national cricketer and executive member of the Dominica Cricket Association (DCA) died in July 2014 in a vehicular accident on the Macouchrie road.

Walsh was a wicketkeeper-batsman who represented Dominica on the under-19 and national teams. At the time of his death, Walsh was the DCA's Events Organiser for regional and international cricket matches.

Marie Davis Pierre

Marie Davis Pierre had the distinction of being the first female Speaker of the Parliament of Dominica; she served from 1980 to 1988. Davis-Pierre passed away on Saturday 24th May, 2014.

Davis-Pierre's love for music and singing was well known and many can recall her musicals, concerts, and solo performances in church. But it was her path through the Civil Service which eventually led her to becoming Speaker.

Hildreth Doctrove

Sports historian Phillip Alleyne wrote: "Everyone who knew him received the passing of the late Hildreth Doctrove, a former national footballer and football referee, with much sadness.

"A former Deputy Commissioner of Police and the father of retired Elite Cricket Umpire Billy Doctrove, Alleyne said "the late Hildreth Doctrove's influence was truly the rock upon which his sons' reputations were built".

Swanston Carbon

Swanston Carbon, the former senator and deputy speaker in the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) Administration died in August 2014. Carbon passed away at the Princess Margaret Hospital after an operation.

"A Party stalwart, he was never afraid to speak his mind on the many issues confronting his country which he served in several capacities," said DFP Secretary Johnson Boston.

Freddie "Man Himself" Mendes

Calypsonian and teacher Freddie (Man Himself) Mendes died in March 2014.

During his life on earth he got involved with several organisation rendering voluntary services to ensure that those organisation remained viable; such groups included Fisheries Cooperative, Swansea Dominica Club among others. He taught for about 30 years from 1984, until the time of his death, at the St. Martin Secondary School. Apart from teaching, his other love was Calypso. Freddie also attempted the priesthood and subsequently attended the Seminary.

Eddie Andre: Pan Pioneer

The appreciation for pan music grew under the guidance of Eddie Andre; without him the art form may have died. There is no doubt that his name will live forever in the annals of pan music. He was one of Dominica's greatest pan players and was a great Dominican of the 20th Century.

Andre died on Monday, 10 January 2014.

Phillip Luke Matthew

Phillip Matthew was a Forester of the highest quality. In 2008 he was awarded the prestigious Long Service Award for his contribution to the Forestry Department.