• Prayma Blaize-Carrette Chief Statistician of the Statistics Department died in… She placed her mark within the statistical community both in Dominica and the Caribbean.

*Dr. Merlin Kelsick, 72, of Wesley died in June, while fishing. He went fishing at the Roseau Ferry Terminal on Thursday June 21, 2018 at about 10pm and disappeared.

*Dermot Eustace McNair Southwell died on 25th July. He was Assistant Manager and Manager of the Melville Hall Airport for over a decade; manager of J. Astaphan & Co. Ltd. and Dominica Timbers Ltd.; member of the Rotary Club; chairman of the Carnival Organizing Committee and the National Development Corporation; president of the Employers Federation; Minister of Cabinet with the Dominica Freedom Party under Prime Minister Dame Eugenia Charles; served on the boards of Dominica Electricity Services (DOMLEC), Dominica Social Security and the National Bank of Dominica; chairman of the Integrity in Public Office Commission; an active member of the Bethesda Methodist Church.

  • Glenworth Osmond Norris Emanuel better known as "GON" died on March 30, 2018 at the age of 92. A former Chief Magistrate, Emmanuel was admitted to the bar as a member of the Middle Temple, London England in 1962. He worked in Grenada as an Assistant Attorney General. After returning to Dominica in the 80's, he spent some time as a senior magistrate. He was a World War II veteran, a member of the Royal Commonwealth Ex Service League and a Free Mason.

  • Bed-ridden for 24 years Pastor Paul Joseph died on April 9, 2018. He was 71. Joseph was a pastor, politician, cricket commentator, and farmer.

  • Heskeith Andrew Alexander, the former Member of Parliament for the La Plaine Constituency in the Dame Eugenia Charles Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) administration of 1980 to 1995, died in August in the United Kingdom.

  • Justice Ephraim Francis Georges died in March. Justice Georges was the chief Magistrate in Dominica and a Magistrate in Barbados and Bermuda; he was justice of the Supreme Court of Seychelles; a High Court Judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court; and an acting Justice of Appeal from 2001; he eventually retired from the ECSC bench in 2012.

  • Macintyre Emmanuel Nicholas Douglas, a member of the Douglas dynasty of Portsmouth, died on 12 August 2018. A businessman, Macintyre Douglas was a staunch Catholic and supporter of the Dominica Labour Party.

  • Nehimiah Darroux, affectionately known as Nehi, Asson, Polo, Coo-coo and Neh-neh died in a motorcycle accident in October. Nehi played for many bands such as Extasy, WCK, Asa Banton, Breve, All Stars, Guada Benz among others. He played backup keyboard for many artistes including New Generation Bouyon Artists – Keks Mafia, Reo, Kenny G, DJ MJ, Stasha to name a few.

  • Algernon 'Ras Algie' Adams, drummer, painter, actor… died in October. Algie earned the Golden Drum - Special Recognition Award from the Government of Dominica through the National Cultural Council (NCC) and the Cultural Division for performance and visual arts on July 30, 2014.

  • Alfreda Georges died on May 7, 2018. A centenarian, Georges was a devout Catholic and manager, for 30 years, of the St. Agnes Book Store in Roseau.

  • Dominica's oldest living Catholic priest Father Etienne Guiste of Petite Savanne died on August 12, 2018. Fr. Guiste, 88, was ordained on July 11, 1967 in the St. Patrick's Church in Grand Bay by Bishop of Roseau His Lordship Arnold Boghaert.

  • Petit-Louis Acceus of Kings Garments & Security, died on Sunday August 12, 2018 at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). Known as Mr. King, the Haitian-born naturalized Dominican was one of Dominica's most prominent entrepreneurs.

  • Floran Wendy David of Mahaut, affectionately known as Flo, died suddenly in August 2018. She was a senior officer at the Dominica Social Security.

*Dr. Phillip St. Jean who was employed in the primary health care sector and was the District Medical Officer for the Roseau Health District died in March 2018. He was 55.