Before nine of her colleagues and eight members of her family and friends, in a small compact room at the Dominica High Court that, after Hurricane Maria, serves as the Chambers of Judge Bernie Stephenson, svelte Danielle Wilson took the oath this morning to uphold the principles and regulations of the law profession. She became Dominica's most recent lawyer.

Wilson told the court that she set her sights on becoming a lawyer when she was just six years old.

"My Lady", she said, "determination and strong will have always been two of my strongest characteristics. Whatever I set my mind to; I will achieveā€¦it became a matter of "when" rather than a question of "if'.

She added: "Law School was often times challenging and the sacrifices were many but as I would constantly remind myself, this is what I chose. There are those who went before me and there are those who will come after me. It makes no sense to say I cannot bear what it is I must in order to achieve what I want.

"As a child I was taught that young girls are to be seen and not heard, a lesson I quickly grew to abhor. Whereas I understood that it was a lesson borne out of good intention, I refused to accept this oppression-laden concept that I did not have a voice.

"This abhorrence certainly fueled my passion to become an attorney and more so an advocate. I am determined to let my voice be heard, not necessarily for myself but for every client who entrusts me with his or her matter and most importantly in seeking to uphold the rule of law of my beloved country".

Wilson continued: "Ever mindful of my ethical and social responsibilities, I am committed to this profession and I am committed to maintaining the level of integrity expected of me as a professional. I take my duty to this country, this honourable court and to my clients very seriously.

"I believe in the importance of upholding the fundamental rights and freedoms provided for under our constitution and in conjunction with those rights and freedoms afforded under international law.

"And I am steadfast in my resolve to see to the greater protection of our children and the development of our laws in this regard".

Danielle is the daughter of Felix and Celia Wilson of Morne Daniel.