The Bank of Nova Scotia, as part of its outreach efforts, has continued to facilitate the provision of Secondary School education to members of the Scotiabank family. In addition to the many secondary education scholarships currently enjoyed by several students, this year, Scotiabank has brought two new students on board. The successful candidates are Jeanelle Magloire and Serena Maxwell.

Jeanelle Magloire, a former student of the Temple SDA Primary School, is from the Village of Wesley. In September 2013, Jeanelle will attend the Dominica SDA Secondary School in Portsmouth. Her parents Philsbert and Janice Magloire are elated by Scotiabank's involvement in their daughter's education and promise to ensure that their daughter continue to perform well at school.

Serena Maxwell is a former student of the St Martin Primary School and will be attending the Convent High School in September 2013. Serena lives with her parents George and Sindy Maxwell in Greens Lane, Goodwill. Her mother, Sindy, says that Serena has always been a high achiever and her parents are committed to work with her to ensure that she continues to excel.

Scotiabank has been in Dominica since September 19, 1988 and will this year celebrate its 25th Anniversary. Locally and globally, Scotiabank is committed to the communities it serves, and through its Bright Future programme, the Bank assists young people through education, sports, culture and health. The Bank is the longest-standing sponsor of cricket in the region and title sponsor of Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket.

The Country Manager, Jim F. Alston notes that this year's additional scholarship is significant as it serves as tangible evidence of Scotiabank's dedication to the community and especially to the education of Dominica's youth.