The 20 who lived to fight at the Semis are:

Leona Peters who sang "Baby Machine";
Chris "Chris B" Sylvester, ("Fans Advice");
Webster "De Webb" Marie, ("Like Father Like Son");
Darwin "Beatle J" Labad, (Don't Touch);
Davidson "Observer" Victor, ("Tribute to Nelson Mandela");
John "De Wave" Bruno, ("I must Speak");
Daryl "De Bobb", ("Original Dominican Calypsonian");
Derick "De Hunter" St Rose, ("You Don't Know");
Black Diamond, ("Up on Video");
Julian "Superior Picky" Lockhart, ("Rumours");
Michael "Booplay" LaFleur, ("Magician Politicians");
Joslyn "Jama B" Charles, (They doh Care");
Chester "Daddy Chess" Letang, ("Mama");
Val "Young Bull" Cuffy, (Lajay langue me);
Richard "Beno" Christmas
Cecil "Checker" Burnett, ("Cart Before the Horse");
Jude "Jay D" Delawney, (Chinaman);
Derrick "Lugars" St.Ville, (Tribute to Nurse");
Murphy "Sye" Jno Jules, ("Above the Law");
Explosion, ("Bois Powee").

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