We complain with: "If God loved us He would not let this happen or that happen" when we may be the ones who create the schisms that have us in chasms. Many say there is no God. The thing is, a huge force which we cannot contemplate may be created by the zillions of objects rotating and revolving in the vast unending expanse beyond us. Can you imagine the volume of the sound! The question is, is that force conscious? Remember, we are part of the force as we are spinning and winding all over all day long about ourselves and along with the rock on which we spin which spins upon itself and along with its solar system which spins, with its galaxy and more. Remember every time you go back home you are closing another spin in which there could have been many smaller spins or even larger ones. If we do not act in harmony with the forces around us we weaken the fabric of the universal force, tears are created, ruptures, cataclysms.

It's not a matter of if Jesus Christ ever was but it is the lesson of the extent one should go so as not to create fissures and contusions and lesions in the fabric of the universe. We are the universe. Maybe the universe scratches itself where we itch it and abrasions and gashes are created thereby, maybe it's a reaction of a cow using its tail to swat a fly when tornadoes and hurricanes happen. It's crazy.

There is a factor in God-fullness which we be-cry as Godlessness in our unknowing. My mother always said 'toot mal car fet poo un bien'. The fact that you got a flat tire was the reason why you did not crash into a vehicle ten minutes down the road whose driver took a corner poorly. Nothing happened. You have forgotten the flat tire much more the other driver forgot his cornering at that particular place. A train left London to go into another town a hundred miles away. A car left that town at the same time going to London on the same track travelling at half the train's speed at what mile will they collide?

It is not that Jesus lived or not or whether he was black or brown but that what they said he said of the best way a man should live whether it is right or wrong.

It is not that religion is used to exploit the masses but where would man be if we were all just greedy? Maybe religion evolved to bring a modicum of peace among men. If there was no religion would there be something else to keep billions quiet while they are being exploited of their earthly wealth because a few need to have ten thousand times what they need?

Have you ever been leaving home and something tells you to hold this and you don't because there is no reason in your plans for this and on another time you hold that unforeseen and a moment comes in your journey where and when it fits and you say "praise Jah".

One night I prayed and chanted and sang for hours while lying on my bed then fell asleep. That night I had a dream of six numbers but next day I could only remember three. I gambled and the three numbers came. I got thirty dollars instead of three hundred thousand had I remembered the six. Do you think God would want me to win the Lotto? NO!? What if I want to build a church? I think He tried. Maybe I enlivened a force that night. I sang my own songs so my soul was open that night. I connected in some realm. It is very important to use your own words to pray. I do not go along well with repeat after me.

Some people say Africans should not denounce Christ outright for he was ours who the Albinos corrupted for their selfish ends. They made him God and psychologically put him out of reach. He was a man who lived on the oneness of the universe and connected and was able to do what any man can do if he lives in union of love for all and everything for all and everything is part of him as he is part of all and everything. Harmony. Are we all suicidal Mr. Editor, or am I just crazy? Anyway, is this piece funny?

The real joke Mr. Editor is that there are a lot of unholy people who sing in choirs in churches expecting Christ to come back after what the likes of them tried do the last time. Once I tried the Christ trick and bawl out in slow motion "I faint" while my mother was putting blows on me for something or the other. My mother stopped but my wicked sister say he cannot faint and talk. More blows on me. 'I be so glad when the sun goes down'

Leonardo Joshua