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I would like to publicly thank the officers of these two institutions who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist us during the past years.

Someone may say they were doing the job they were paid to do; but the patience and professionalism displayed were truly remarkable! And, I believe it's better to give flowers to those deserving while they're alive.

Throughout the years 2020/2021 we went through different stages of dementia with Mr. Newman Collins, who recently passed on. He was also hypertensive and diabetic and whenever I called for assistance the Fire & Ambulance was always prompt. Even during these times of Covid-19, they followed the required protocols throughout. The care and courtesy they conveyed made our rides to and from the hospital much more tolerable. They comforted me when I cried and were very gentle and patient with Newman. There were some very young guys whose maturity and respect proved to me that all isn't lost with our youth. Special mention must be made of officers Charles C, Jno Lewis K, Sharplis G, Steadman E and Rolle K. Thank you also to officer Auguiste who assisted me with the search of these names. Chief fire officer Dupuis must be complimented for instilling these morales in his troupe.

The officers of the Mahaut Police Station also deserve high commendation. Constables Williams E. and Sylvester B. handled a recent robbery at our home with urgency and a high level of professionalism. Corporal Timothy I. and Constable Williams E exercised extreme patience when I called for help, crying, during one of our most trying times; and remained at the hospital with us until Newman was stabilised. This speaks volumes about these individuals. They were not only getting the job done, but they were also caring and attentive and helped ease the frustration and stress that we were going through at the time.

A big, big, thanks to everyone. We will NEVER forget how the pain of dealing with someone who is sick was lessened because of your care and concern, and the comfort you gave to us even at his death. May God bless you guys and give you the strength and patience to continue passing on these attributes to others.

Helenia Darroux and Edward Collins.