Dominica is supposed to be a Christian nation. After all, were named after the Lord's Day and we have three crosses on our flag and all the other stuff on our Coat of Arms and all that.

So if an angel were to appear to our political leaders and told them that we don't need an international airport since we can't afford one and it would not be environmentally friendly and tell them to build a world class ferry terminal at Long House, would they do it?

If the angel told them that a terminal which could accommodate four or more ferries with the possibility of taking a cruise ship, with vending stalls, space to accommodate and process 500 passengers in an hour, a couple restaurants and a small hostel, what would they say?

If they were further shown that it would breathe life into the house rentals at Picard, would they say OK? Or would they say that they couldn't possibly tell that to the nation because they would look foolish and be ridiculed? Would the angel then tell them to go back to the Bible which they so like to lean on and read the Reception of Noah?

Jonathan Vidal