We believe that small island states like ours have the capacity and wherewithal to survive comfortably and develop to a level of twenty-first century excellence even without huge deposits of gold or oil.

We believe small island states because of the seemingly inbuilt nepotism of the party democratic system throw away their wealth generating resources stupidly, in the attempt to pacify, glorify, mollify, and enrich their supporters and backers.

We believe that that propitiation corrupts the soul and turns our people into lazy, incompetent parasites.

We believe that no government has the right to pad up their ministries with triple the amount of workers they need so as to make good electioneering promises at the expense of the state. E.g -a government on one of the Caribbean islands said upon entry that a certain government institution was one hundred percent over-staffed but, the prime minister continued, we cannot send people home- but you know what, they employed more for they had to mollify their own--- 1,000 people making an average of 1,000 dollars a week turns into turns 4,000,000 every four weeks and to 52,000,000 dollars a year (fifty-two million dollars) flat.

We believe that that fifty-two million should be invested and that the selfsame needers made to work to bring whatever was invested in, into profitability, so that they can get a proper deserved salary. Make them work for themselves.

We believe that if thousands of Haitians can work the land and make a living why can't the hundreds who are parasitically employed.

We believe that we should not prostitute our country through the sale of passports. We believe that if such is the only activity for raising funds then there is lack of vision, ability, creativity, insight and wisdom in our leaders.

We believe that if such sales cannot be avoided as it is necessary to boost the population, that clauses be placed in the sale which limits the amount of land that any one buyer can have.

We believe we should safeguard our country for the thousands of Dominicans who have gone overseas to raise funds so that they can someday return home.

We believe that a seventy thousand population does not need eighteen ministers for it is a parasitic pad up, which glaringly illustrates the incompetence and thievery of the incumbents. Margway-sar Jamaica, three million, eighteen ministers.

We believe sporting activities should be high on the curriculum of all schools to ensure that our children are physically developed and mentally healthy.

We believe that it is unnecessary and wasteful for each small state to have separate offices and staff at the United Nations and such institutions. We believe resources should be pooled for the meagre activity there is.

Eltucio Declares For All Twenty-One Constituencies

DO NOT vote for all ELTUCIO if you expect us to give you non-existent jobs. With your co-operation and love for country we will make jobs. E.g. we will take the above fifty-two million and invest forty million and pay you 250 a week to work at bringing that investment to a success where you can then get 500 or more a week legitimately. We believe in giving incentive. We believe that will develop proper character, a better person, a better country.

DO NOT vote for ELTUCIO if you expect to get government contracts which you do not have the resources or capability of completing satisfactorily.

DO NOT vote for ELTUCIO if you expect us to rent your building for unnecessary offices to fill out with the fifty-two-millionaires. Double jeopardy. How can a bank, an institution of thrift and interest –edness, rent a building for twenty years at 30,000 per month? Do the maths.

DO NOT vote for ELTUCIO if you expect us to allow you to drive government vehicles all year round like it is your personal vehicle and when time comes for gas, service and parts the government foots the complete bill.

DO NOT vote for ELTUCIO if you want to come to work late and then by nine o'clock you on the streets looking for breakfast.

DO NOT vote for ELTUCIO if you want to get a position you do not deserve or can handle.

DO NOT vote for ELTUCIO if you are only concerned of moving horizontally, anchoring the country to yesterday.

DO NOT vote for ELTUCIO if you believe square pegs should remain in round holes disabling the machinery of advancement.

DO NOT vote for ELTUCIO if you expect to work for three hours and get eight hours pay.

WE DEMAND to know how many passports were sold and how much money was generated and to what was it spent in the past five years.

WE DEMAND to know how many people are employed in embassies world-wide and how much money is spent yearly on said people.

WE DEMAND to know whether there is a ceiling on the number of foreigners to be allowed.

We thank you for reading so far. You will have part two next

Leonardo Joshua for ELTUCIO
zigzugzabbatt.com zigzugzabbatt@gmail.com

P.S. If there is not for any reason ELTUCIO on your constituency ballot, write ELTUCIO on the ballot paper and put it in the box. If you are not a diehard you have nothing to lose as either of the major parties will allow nepotism to direct them as it is seemingly an inherent pre-requisite of the party democratic system.