Spags John, left, and Shanks Esprit of Salisbury constituency
Spags John, left, and Shanks Esprit of Salisbury constituency

The Salisbury constituency consists of Salisbury, Grand Savanah, Coulibistrie and Morne Ratchete. Voting History

2014- UWP (Hector John)

2009- UWP (Hector John)

2005—UWP (Earl Williams)

2000- UWP (Earl Williams)

1995- UWP (Earl Williams)

1990- UWP (Earl Williams)

1985- DFP (James Royer)

1980- DFP (Dennison John)

1975- DLP (B.J. Louis)

Hector "Spags" John

Political Experience

Leader of the Opposition; Member of Parliament, Salisbury Constituency from 2009 to Present; Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, 06/2009 – 12/2014 Vice President, United Workers Party, 11/2016 - Present


BBA degree in Information Technology, Monroe College, New Rochelle, NY, 08/2009; Graduated from Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, 06/1987

Professional Experience

New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority, IT Department, New Rochelle, NY -Information Technology Assistant; Dominica Banana Producers Limited, Dominica -Information Technology Assistant; Dominica Banana Marketing Corporation, Dominica- Statistical Officer.

Volunteering Activities

Monroe College, IT Department, New Rochelle, NY -Assisted in solving hardware and software problems; American Family Drive, Lincoln Center, Manhattan, NY (7/9/2005); Assisted in packaging emergency supplies for victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, USA;

President, Salisbury Improvement Committee, Dominica; Chairman, National Youth Council, Dominica; Member, Cricket Youth Team, Dominica.

Plans for the Salisbury Constituency

-Build tourist and fishermen facilities at Salisbury, Coulibistrie and Batalie beaches.

-Improve farm roads in Salisbury and Morne Rachette

-Improve road network

-Build river retaining walls at Coulibistrie

-Develop proper access to Canal, Coulibishie

-Develop proper disaster management plan

-Improve housing stock

-Alternative access road to Morne Rachette

-Revive agriculture sector

-Technical and Financial support to young farmers

-Sustainable Markets for Agricultural Produce

-Improve the Tourism Sector

-Improve sporting facilities

-Introduce new sporting disciplines

-Acquire land for Multi-purpose community building (Salisbury)

-Develop small business sector

-Incentive in Arts & Culture

-Create employment and reduce under-employment

--Skills training and certification

-Effective networking with every community group and institution

Nicholls "Shanks" Esprit

He is a former employee of DOWASCO; he was a United Workers Party Senator in the Parliament; he contested the Salisbury seat in 2014 on a DLP ticket.

He is employed as the coordinator of special projects in the Ministry of Agriculture.

*Note that we contacted Mr. Esprit for his biography and his plans for the constituency but he made neither available despite promising to do so.