No man can serve two masters. As a region, the Caribbean is being called to chart its course according to one of two masters, both of whom require unflinching allegiance. One warns of hell after death; the other warns of hell on earth for not toeing the line. On the one hand, there is the Creator God; on the other, the international organizations created in the wake of World War 2. Both promise to bring peace, justice, equality and unity to the nations of the earth. God promises to do this through obedience to Jesus Christ. The International bodies promise to do this through the advice of experts and the compliance of nations. Both seek to influence our beliefs and behaviours and both have stipulated dire consequences for not falling in line. Both have their own agendas and their pressure groups. Our choice, whether as a nation or as individuals, will have long-term consequences and be a matter of courage or pure folly, depending on which master we choose.

The views of our would-be masters are increasingly divergent especially in matters pertaining to marriage, family and the very nature of human beings. God would have us believe that He designed only two sexes and that these are complementary and unchangeable. He would have us believe that there is right and wrong. He sets out a plethora of commands governing family relationships and our sexual behaviour: "I hate divorce", he says in no uncertain terms. "Control yourself: no sex before marriage; no extramarital sex; no sex with family members; no sex with animals; no sex with someone of the same sex." From His world view, children have a mother and father and must obey their parents. No two mums or two dads. No dispensing with parental authority. Our competing masters on the other hand, would have us believe that there is no right or wrong; just rights. They tell us that sex is not binary and is changeable. You feel you're trapped in the wrong body? Change that body! Have sex with who you want, when you want, how you want – just play it safe and use a condom. One issue after another, the Creator God and the created-god point in opposite directions. Clearly, both masters can't be right. Our lives must be modeled after one or the other. It is up to us as individuals and as a nation, to choose whom we will serve – God the Creator or the various international bodies. Never the twain shall meet.

Dr. Veronica C. Evelyn 92 Jasper Avenue, Ealing Park, Christ Church